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”Forget You” is what singer Cee Lo Green is saying to “The Voice.”

Yep, Green is outta there. In fact, he made the startling announcement on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as part of an interview that will air on Wednesday. He emphasized that he will not be returning “at all.”

And even though he may be ghost from “The Voice,” he says he’ll continue his relationship with NBC.

“I’m going to continue my relationship with NBC,” Green said. “I have a television show development deal with them as well and hopefully some other talk show opportunities for later in the year. But yeah, I’m going to miss ‘The Voice’ too. So I’m not coming back guys….”

Green told DeGeneres that he didn’t want to “wear out my welcome” on the series, for which he has served as a coach.

“Yeah, I just want to … I don’t want to wear out my welcome there. You know what I’m saying,” Green said. “I have so many other things that I want to do. I haven’t released an album in four years. I’m almost done with my album…”

Hmm, one can only wonder if his decision to suddenly bolt from the hit show has anything to do with his legal problems. Green (real name: Thomas DeCarlo Callaway) was charged late last year with furnishing a controlled substance, a felony charge that carries up to four years in state prison.

As we’ve reported, Green is accused of slipping a 33-year-old woman Ecstasy while the pair was dining at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant in mid-July.

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