Dang, this is not a good look for Mathew Knowles and by extension, Beyonce.

Knowles (pictured) is not just behind on his child support payments, but his baby mama, Alexsandra Wright, is destitute and has to use food stamps to survive.

TMZ is reporting that Wright hasn’t seen any money from Knowles since back in December when he allegedly owed $24K. He now reportedly owes over  $32,000.

That means Wright, whose son is Beyonce’s half-brother, had to resort to public assistance; she gets $300 a month on a state-issued EBT card to pay for food and other expenses.

Sources say Wright went to court for help, but the judge so far hasn’t figured out what to do to help her.

Hmm, you think maybe Bey might wanna step up to help her little brother out?

15 thoughts on “Mathew Knowles Still Behind on Child Support; Beyonce’s Half Brother’s Mom on Food Stamps

  1. Mary King on said:

    Personally I think beyonce should step in and take the kid. Meaning the kid kid lives with her til this woman gets a job and housing. This way this woman doesn’t get a free ride away from motherhood. This child is in fact innocent here. Jay and queen Beyonce step in take the kid from her since they want to trash talk you.

  2. Bouncy should get as far away from her ejaculate squirtin’ daddy and his sperm depository baby mamma as she can get. May well break it down to the lowest common denominator.

  3. Vanessa on said:

    Before her father fell behind on child support why didn’t the mother save more of that $12,000 each month. If I were making that much in child support monthly you could bet your ass I would have a great savings account and not have to resort to food stamps but then again I also work. Either way this is not Beyonce’s problem, her father created this child, it’s his responsibility.

  4. Poor Mathew, he should have kept his thing in his pants or wrapped it up!!! Not sure what Beyoncé has to do with this but the writer NEEDS to leave her out. That lady should get a damn job.

  5. msyellarose on said:

    The little boy isn’t Beyonce’s responsibility, he is Matthew’s. What is the mother doing to support her own child. She should continue to deal with Matthew legally, and step up and take responsibility for her own baby. as well.

  6. I said it. on said:

    Why would be give anyone money? This isn’t a baby her dad had by her mother. Why would she slap her mom in the face twice by getting in the middle of this drama. The author is really fishing on this one.

  7. She didn’t cheat on her mother and have a child ! That woman knew he was married! She was looking for fame and financial gain ! Now she knows he has nothing .. Really nothing now . Say NO to married men ! Did she think of them Bey’s family when she was sneaking ?! Matthew God don’t like UGLY !

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