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Even though investigators discovered that Brent Thomas Posada (pictured) accused a Black man of shooting him when he actually shot himself, he was not arrested for reportedly filing a false report with the Redding California Police Department, reports KRCR News.

Police were summoned to Shasta Regional Medical Center, when Posada reportedly went to the facility to treat a gunshot wound. Once he was questioned about it, the 34-year-old man allegedly concocted a story about how a Black man had broken in to his home, snuck up on him, then pointed a loaded gun to his head. Posada then reportedly told police that he and the Black assailant got in to a scuffle when he pushed the man’s arm away.  Posada went on to state that after the gun went off, he felt a sharp pain in his body.

Posada was struck by a bullet to his abdomen.

He then described his assailant in great detail: a mid-to-late 20s Black man who is six feet tall and 185 pounds. He also said that the Black man was wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and black high-top shoes with silver stripes.

Redding police went on alert for the gunman, canvassing Posada’s area in search of the missing suspect but turned up nothing. The officers then turned the case over to the Redding PD Investigations Division.

When a law enforcement team of investigators examined Posada’s clothing and pictures taken from the night of the incident, they discovered there were holes in his story; the investigators found evidence that contradicted Posada’s original statements, so they circled back around to question him again.

After being interrogated again by detectives, Posada admitted to them that he had made up the story and had actually shot himself with the high-powered air rifle he kept at his home.

The investigation has now been turned over to the Shasta County District Attorney’s office for further review.

So far there is no motive for Posada shooting himself and claiming to be a victim of a Black man.

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13 thoughts on “California Man Shoots Himself, Blames It On Black Man

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  2. keebee51 on said:

    I don’t trust white people period. They are evil sick and heartless, but they don’t care. I believe they truly come from devil. Was it really worth shooting yourself just to blame a Negro? I mean how stupid and evil is that. These devil’s have no ideal how some Negros really feel about them. We’ve have taken so much shit from them, it’s going to be one scary day for them when Negros rise up.

  3. I, for one, do not subscribe o this notion of a post-racial America” I do not trust white folks, period. Several Black people have died recently for trusting white folks. Like the young lady who was in a acr accident and knocked on a white man’s door only to be shot to death. Gays get more respect and support than Black people in this country. There are still millions of whites who still do not accept Blacks as fellow Ameicans—-which is sad. But, really ticks me off, though I am not surprised.

    • Are you referring to the fine young lady, Renisha McBride who was 3 times the legal limit drunk, walked away from assistance at the scene, wandered for hours, than banged or tried to forcibly enter someone’s home at 3a.m.? I would not call that putting your trust in whites, but rather irresponsible, negligent behavior. She could have easily killed someone driving in that condition.

  4. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Absolutely arrest that lying basta_d and charge him for racial profiling/hate crime. Who do these sob’s think they are just making up s_it because of the racially hatred in their blood. Go to jail they’re be waiting for his azz!

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