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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Prosecutors and defense attorneys will make closing arguments Wednesday in the trial of a Florida man charged with fatally shooting teenager Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music.

Both sides were to sum up their cases in the first-degree murder trial of 47-year-old Michael Dunn. Jurors could begin deliberating Wednesday afternoon.

Dunn has pleaded not guilty, saying he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Jordan Davis, 17, of Marietta, Ga., outside a Jacksonville convenience store in 2012.

The defense rested Tuesday after calling Dunn to testify.

In his testimony, Dunn told jurors he was in Jacksonville with his fiancee, Rhonda Rouer, to attend his son’s wedding. He had brought along on the trip his 7-month-old dog, and at one point in testimony, he wiped away tears when talking about his fiancee and dog.

Dunn said he and Rouer went to the convenience store for wine and chips. He said he pulled into a spot next to an SUV where music with a “thumping” bass was playing.

“It got really loud,” Dunn said. “My rear view mirror was shaking. My eardrums were vibrating. It was ridiculously loud.”

Dunn said he asked the three men in the SUV to turn down the music and they turned it off. “I said, ‘Thank you,'” Dunn said. But soon afterward, Dunn said he heard someone in the SUV shouting expletives and the word “cracker” at him. Dunn is white, and the teens in the SUV were black. Cracker is a derogatory term for white people.

The music was turned back on, and Dunn testified, “I wasn’t going to ask for favors anymore.”

Dunn said the men in the SUV had “menacing expressions,” and he asked the teens whether they were talking about him. He said he wanted to calm down the situation but saw a teen in the backseat reach down for something which he slammed into the car door. Dunn said it looked as if the barrel of a shotgun was sticking out the window.

One of the teens stepped out of the SUV, Dunn said, and he felt “this was a clear and present danger.” He reached for his pistol in a glove box.

Dunn, who had a concealed weapons permit, fired nine shots into the car, according to an affidavit. Once his fiancee returned to the car, he drove off out of fear of the SUV returning, he said.

He described having “tunnel vision,” with everything focused on his target.

No weapons were found in the SUV.

Dunn said he told Rouer on the drive back to the hotel that he had shot in self-defense. But Rouer, called by prosecutors as a rebuttal witness, said Dunn never told her he thought Davis had a gun.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Dunn said he told her.

Dunn and Rouer drove back to their hotel and Dunn said he didn’t call the police because his focus was on the well-being of Rouer, whom he described as in hysterics. The next morning, Dunn said, Rouer insisted she wanted to go home and they drove back to their home in Brevard County, 175 miles away. There, Dunn said he contacted a neighbor who is in law enforcement for advice on how to turn himself in to authorities.

During cross-examination, prosecutor John Guy challenged Dunn’s assertion that he had told Rouer after the shooting that he thought one of the teens had a gun.

“You never told the love of your life that those guys had a gun,” Guy said. “Did you?”

Dunn responded, “You were not there.”

Guy challenged Dunn on other parts of his story, citing letters Dunn had written from jail and interviews with investigators. The prosecutor said Dunn had told detectives the day after the shooting that it could have been a stick he saw pointing from the vehicle. But Dunn countered he was just suggesting a far-fetched possibility.

Guy also suggested that Dunn was angry because he was being disrespected by a young black man. Dunn responded, “I was being threatened, not disrespected.”

The prosecutor also said Dunn had stated in a jailhouse letter that his car was parked so close to the SUV that it would have been hard for him to exit. Guy said that meant Davis also would have had a hard time getting out of the SUV.

“Jordan Davis was never a threat to you, was he, Mr. Dunn?” Guy said.

Dunn responded, “Absolutely, he was.”

17 thoughts on “Jordan Davis Update: Closing Arguments in Trial Over Loud Music Death

  1. Gloria Smith-Matthews on said:

    It appears that we are reverting back to the days where whites thought it was okay to kill Black people. It seems like it is getting pretty bad. We are having one killing after another. After a while the people are going to start feeling like they can come to your home and take you out and hang you, or burn you on a cross.

  2. These people are going to keep spewing race into everything until I’m afraid that in the near future that there will be a race riot and by then it will have spreaded all across the United States like it was in 1967. And it’s not goin to matter. The minute blacks want to strike back then there goes the Thug word calling (in code for N word) again. I sincerely hope the justice will prevale and this man goes to jail where he will really get to know the brothas.

  3. This guy shoots someone over loud music the guy in the theater shoots a man over texting
    I can’t say what ether person felt as far as threat level or if justified, but I do think of times when
    People were more mindful, courteous, and respectful of others around them

    • I believe this was about ego, that white man didn’t want to be disrespected in front of his woman, little bit of fear from seeing only black on black crimes on the news, southern biased, what he went into the store for 2 mins, couldn’t he just leave and mind his own business, it wasn’t like they were next to his house..if he doesn’t get convicted then they need to drop Florida into the Atlantic.

  4. the Timekeeper on said:

    I weatched this Bigot testify last night. I hav neve seen suc a Bold Faced, Obvius Lie in the Face of America. He is so cocky and confident that Race will win the day for him. Unfortunalely, his confidecne is based upon this Bias in our Justice System. I am old school so back in the day when white guys would see us walking, they would go on the other side of the street becuase of their prejudes and unfounded fears. Now they simply want to wal up o these same black boys, challenge them, and then pull their guns out and start shooting. Truth be told, tis is at the heart of the whole Gun Debate and why we cannot pass any reasonable Gun laws. White people ar in fear ( ever since Obama has taken office) that they need these guns for this purpose. Now dont expect them to ever admit that fact. He should be convicted of 1st degree murder but I will not hold my breah.

  5. Lisa for the Blacks on said:

    One last thing. it was so self defense why didn’t him or his wife call the cops? if they cops hadn’t figure out it was him, he wouldn’t came forward. I swear to god if he gets off this whole system is fuckin racist and all hell needs to brake lose. cuz really as blacks we are not safe. if we aint saying “yes sir or no sir” to the white folks they have a legal right to kill us? fuck that I will be the first one to fight if this racist bitch gets off. he deserves to die. I hope he gets what he deserve!!! DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa I sincerely hope you don’t live in Flordia. Act out the way you are threatening to and you will be the next Trayvon or Jordan Davis. Like it or not, white people have served notice in that state that they are fed up with the ghetto behavior, and the laws are written for them to do something about it. Is it really to much to ask to come correct with courteous, respectful behavior when we leave the housing complex?
      – Holla’ at the Scholar

      • Only the blacks in the South ( or anywhere else ) have to be courteous? Since when does “ghetto behavior” become a crime?

  6. americanize. on said:

    How in the fu*k u walk up to a total stranger an tell them what to do in their vehicle.An he,ll just be a few minites in a convince store.Well Iam a white man Ican do that.GUILTY COLD BLOODED MURDER. DEATH TO THE SCUM. If this fool is found not guilty these juros are idiots, it seriously WOULDBEopen season on every black man,woman,an child. GOD BLESS BLACK AMERICA.

  7. Lisa for the Blacks on said:

    How many black boys got to die in the hands of a white man? its like Zimmerman open a hole for racist white people to kill black boys and say “self defense” because what everyone black boy just walk around killing anyone that looks at them wrong? ” I SHOULD KILL THIS MF” Do that really sound like what 17 year old boy said before pulling out a gun? honestly the case is simply black and white. black kids playing RAP and a racist white man who feel like Zimmerman can do it why cant he!HE NEED TO BE FUC.N HUNG. IM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE CASES. IM AT THE POINT WHERE I JUST WANNA GO KILL A FEW WHITE MF’S AND CLAIM SELF DEFENSE. THEY WILL FUC.IN HANG ME! RACIST MF’S. I HATE WHITE PPL THEY ARE TRASH WHO THE DAMN WORLD TREAT LIKE THEY R SO INNCOCENT BUT ALL THE MAJ0R CRIMES COMMITED ARE MOSTLY BY WHITES!~~’SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, SLAVERY, ALL THE INNOCENT BLACK PPL WHO DIED OR WAS NEARLY BEATEN BACK IN THE 50 AND 60″S. ALL BY THESE “INNCOENT” WHITES????

    • Lisa, are you remotely moved by the incalculable number of blacks that are killed by blacks? Or is it just whites that you hate?
      Holla at the Scholar

      • Please go away Mr Jiggy5. There are more than enough White Apologist on this site. You and not needed. Thank you.

      • Jason, please offer some facts or at least a semi intelligent retort other than go away. Seriously.

    • Lisa, you are about one post away from being reported to Homeland Security for overt racially motivated threats on people’s lives. Watch your step sista’, you may feel safe amongst other BAW haters, but they will not pay your legal fees to defend your documented intentions.

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