Beyond The Studio: Christelyn Karazin


Nikki Woods goes Beyond The Studio with Christelyn Karazin, co-author of Swirling: How to Date, Mate and Relate Mixing Race, Culture & Creed. She talks about “Swirlr” the new reality series about dating different and the stereotypes that go along with it.

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52 thoughts on “Beyond The Studio: Christelyn Karazin

  1. Black Goddess on said:

    Deuce and you have truly proved why black women rule! White men love us! Rather it’s secretly or openly let’s face it our bodies are banging and many are educated and well off also! What you said might have proved a point years ago, but now, Today we are jewels and that’s why your post is hilarious to me because see the white man will have their oh so fancy wife up front, but behind public eyes the love is for the black women!! So who is really the odd ball out? Our good looking self 🙂

  2. Young, Black, and Gifted on said:

    Typical divide and conquer tactics. Can write about to build and interact with other races and not about building with your own. But wonder why you’re not accepted still. Certain Black people suffer from Stockholm syndrome and glad I do not. We love to be others and not ourselves. It’s trolls on here and self hating house Negros on here upset because nobody falling for their bs tactics. Black people need to make better choices in mates concerning other Black people. Instead running to other races thinking they are better than us and it’s a solution to their dating woes. Plus I’ve noticed the Black men and women who are promoting this IR dating bs are the main ones with issues with self and identity. Gonna stay Black with my choices in dating and how I live. So all of this Black men need to step up talk is silly. Because it’s plenty of ratchet Black women out here too. But I don’t date those kind of women. Only Black women who are of quality. So all these delusional females on here who made poor choices in Black men need to look at self and see why they keep attracting bs. Because quality Black men do not want a female who doesn’t take personal responsibility for their poor choices and actions. Plus so concerned with trying to keep up and emulate other races. I’m all about Black unity and building something that will last for generations to come. Not coming up and just give it away to some who doesn’t look like me or care about who I am or my heritage and culture. Christelyn Karazin is another sellout who’s just apart of bigger agenda to further destroy Blacks in America. Boycott her show and book. It’s poison.

  3. Great read, and yes more black women should date outside their race, why not? When a black man is lacking knowing how to be a leader and run his home, why shouldn’t she find another man that can, and that shares her immediate values? If a black woman that was raised in a 2 parent home and wants the same, I say she should FIND that man similar to her upbringing. He has no college degree? Go to the man that has one. He has too many kids and you don’t? Go to the man that has none. He doesn’t know how to keep a job? Go to the man that will. Can’t even pay a mortgage or rent? Go to the man that WILL. You want a man that WAS RAISED BY A FATHER and Knows what it means to be a man,not just by his mother?? Then GO TO A MAN THAT HAS. You have to understand, women that date outside their race do so BECAUSE they are looking for their EQUAL in how they want to live, and as an educated black woman, high in the workforce totem pole, I say you should ladies!! As a woman raised by a strong male figure, how in the world, and why should I date a man with no male figure? I wouldn’t know how to relate to him, and couldn’t teach him to know his position. There is a reason so many date outside their race. My reasons was: I wanted aman that believed in God, one that wasn’t raised by a “strong black woman” but rather,a man raised by a MAN, I wanted someone that had their Masters, I wanted a man with NO CHILDREN as I, I wanted to experience that first hand. Most important,I wanted to get married and raise my kids the way I was raised — and let’s face it. Maybe because of slavery and other elements?? But MANY black men are without fathers, no college degrees, do not believe in God and have kids. And own nothing but 40 pairs of Jordans::: NO THANK YOU! And that is a truth MANY of our black men need to understand and FIX. A woman doesn’t want to settle when she has spent all her life growing. Step your game up. Stop having kids outside of wedlock, and get an education,

    • Jazz, you’re absolutely correct in all that you stated. Who would want such a reprobate as a spouse? The only caveat being that such traits are irrespective of race. Such “dysfunction” permeates ALL ethnicities (as millions of divorced white women would attest to of their deadbeat Ex’s). Step into any Family Court across this nation and you’ll find lots of White men being described just as you mentioned. LOTS of White men are in the arrears on child support, alimony payments, etc. Those are characteristics applicable to the given individual. ANY man can exhibit those qualities and behave accordingly. There are many VERY decent, educated Black men…..and WHITE bums……and vice versa. It’s certainly NOT a cultural identity of anyone. Good & bad runs the gamut of mankind. A woman should seek a “good” man (if he happens to be White, so be it). Hopefully, he will not turn out to be a MICHAEL DUNN or GEORGE ZIMMERMAN type of “White” man.

  4. Your comments showed how ignorant and racists your are. They also showed you little about interracial dating and marriage between a black woman and white man.

      • You’re correct! I don’t know (nor care) about it. That’s between that man & woman (their business, not mine). I’ve dated interracially, so I do know about it from the perspective of a Black man with “others” (White, Asian, Hispanic women). I’m hardly ignorant or racist………speak for yourself in that regard.

  5. If folk were more attentive, they’d realize that I spoke in the “third person” throughout. Hyperbole included! The ONLY personal reflection was at the very end where I said “Please”. As in “yeah right”, “give me a break”, etc. to the aforementioned commentary. When someone says “please” or “oh please”, they are expressing their disagreement. Keep it in the proper context folks, then get over yourselves.

    • Dom "La Morenita" on said:

      To all my Black Women who see this video and read these comments:

      First of all, please IGNORE people like “Deuce”. It is really sad that us Black women receive so much shade for interracial dating, especially from our own people, but people are pretty messed up nowadays. There are so many people who have negative things to say about interracial dating and Black women. But you know what? Screw ‘em!! People like “Deuce” say from a place of hate and like to tear down others to build themselves up. Such people are ABUSERS and don’t deserve anymore of our precious time.

      Second of all, be yourself and be AWESOME! Although people always try to make us feel somehow lesser because we had the nerve to be born BLACK and FEMALE, persevere and OVERCOME. Know that you are just as BEAUTIFUL as any other women out there! Undoubtedly, the mainstream American media has a Eurocentric ideal of beauty. And of course, white women are beautiful but also; Asian women, Arab women, Hispanic women and Black women are ALL BEAUTIFUL too. Be proud of your skin color whether you are light or dark-skinned. I am proud of the rich, dark chocolate color of my skin and the diverse and AMAZING heritage it represents. Mostly important, what matters most is what’s on the INSIDE. Just be who you are. Simple. A man doesn’t fall in love with your looks; they fall in LOVE with your HEART. Be sweet, compassionate, and caring-all good traits anyone wants in a potential lover. My nickname is Teddy bear, because I’m smiley, warm and affectionate. I’d take this kind of compliment over anyone saying that I look like a model ANY DAY. Laugh and Smile a lot! Because…why not? You’re alive and there are so many things that the future holds for you.

      Lastly, know that you are precious, wanted and loved and no one’s hateful words will EVER change that :).

      • Huh????????????????? Dom, at NO point did I suggest that Black women not feel good about themselves. I simply spoke to the fact that “others” are placed on a pedestal by comparison. A “Eurocentric” ideal of beauty as you stated. I said nothing about agreeing with it. You folks are adding your own sh_ _ to the mix. I actually agree with much of what you said. Yet, you say to ignore me. I’m real cool with that, especially since so many are way out in left field on my viewpoint. If I had a problem with Black women I would have said so in my very first sentence. I’m just under no illusions regarding interracial dating. I can blow smoke up folks’ a_ _ all day long with a bunch of phony “BS”. Oh yeah, society is going to welcome you with open arms everywhere you go…….blah blah blah. There is indeed a caste system that places White women at the top of its female hierarchy. Which includes endorsing her features as the ideal standard of beauty (media advertising, etc.).

    • Its amazing how many of you black men have so much to say about black women when you are the worlds MOST powerless man!! you have no economical power and your life is totally worthless. You are the only man on EARTH that does not possess the leadership it takes to ensure yourselves and the future generation of black men some kind of foundation to build legacies. You claim that being with white women are so much better and thats your opinion but if that were the case then white women/black men wouldn’t have the highest divorce rates. Black men are the least married of all races of men so most of these white women who have black/bi-racial babies are white baby mamas!! and thats a fact!!. Many of you have let celebrity black men pump your heads up, causing you to think that you can attract the creme of the crop of non-black women when in reality those famous black men is a very small percentage of the black male population, not even a whole 1%. On average whenever you see a black man with a white or non-black woman she’s normally fat or white trash. You will never see a white women who at the top of her game and holds a high status in society with a black man in the every day world. Black men are the only men who’s female counterpart hold more economical power than he does. The very fate of you future lies in the hands of the white man because you are powerless and worthless. your life is worth less than a roach which is why it’s no big deal to kill you and getting away with it. If 6 tall white men with suits on were to walk in your house and order you to get out there wouldn’t be anything you can do about it because you’re powerless. Your ONLY bragging rights is that you can fuck different women from other races other than that you are no competition!! in this world. 64% of black college students are black women!! 65% of Home Owners are black women!! 75% of black own businesses are owned by black women!! so please get over yourselves.

      • Alexandra Telemaque on said:

        Blake, you need to see the world dear or at least say that you are referring to what tou know as Black men and women, African Amerivans. I am a Black woman, luckily not from the US of A, and what you are depicting is certainly not what I see around me amongst my fellow Black people. What you also need to realize is that, no matter how long ago slavery was abolished, White America has never ceased to view and treat African Americans as slaves, inferior and unvaluable. Now tell me that is not a huge strick that you have to live with until you die. And tell me as well that it is not more difficult for an African American to rise in the US of A when they have less chances then any other citizen to be fairly treated because he/she wears thetheirr stigma on their skin, stigma I must say that was created by the White man?

      • Blake, stop all of that girlie “whining” and MAN UP. First of all, if six white men (or any other color) in suits (or rags) entered my home without a valid reason they’d be buried in those suits. If they came because I was guilty of a crime & fleeing justice…….so be it. It sounds like we know different types of Black men, as no race is monolithic. I can only speak for myself and those with whom I associate. I have an MBA and live a very comfortable lifestyle (nice home, car, clothing, jewelry, investments, etc.). There are tons of Black men doing very well for themselves (doctors, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs, etc.). Walk on any college campus (especially HBCU’s), you’ll see young Black men working on a brighter future. Sure, many others are on the streets with bad intentions. Just as many White men are in trailer parks nationwide…….with bad intentions. Some White men are in suits (Execs.)…….with bad intentions. Personally, I’m taking the necessary actions now for not only my own retirement (decades away), but a strong “nest egg” for my family. I can’t speak for others, but the folks in my circle “have it together”. Nice try though !!!

    • Alexandra Telemaque on said:

      I must say that after reading your first post again, it is ambiguous. It was not clear enough that it was not depicting your personal thinking. At least I am speaking for myself, having English as a third language. And judging by the amount of outraged responses that were received most people did as well. I actually thought I was reading a post from a jealous White woman…

  6. My comments seem to have gone over many heads. This has nothing to do with me (just speaking from a “societal” standpoint). Also, I’m speaking “generally” (clearly stated that there are exceptions to the norm). Such as Lucas & DeNiro as someone mentioned. So what? Certain ethos have NOT changed in America…….at all. I have dated white women & others & purposely did not state my “personal” perspective on the issue. I never stated “I think” or “In my opinion……”, etc. I simply commented on a certain segment of society that feel a certain way. Right or wrong! BTW Christelyn, Black women who date interracially get NO “shade” from me. I have several female family members who have done so. Their choice! I stand behind ALL that I’ve stated and those of you who missed the point (and infused your own)……..oh well.

    • I don’t doubt that there are black men who aren’t doing those things and I never said that those kind of black men didn’t exist but you, I, and the world know that those black men are the “exception” to the rules as one would call it, meaning as a whole black men are not in the competition of other races of men. As a whole black men are NOT measuring up and believing otherwise is really living in denial, fact is black men as a whole are the worlds most powerless men, by the looks of it not only are you not able to compete with most men of other races economically but you can’t even compete with your own women counterparts.

      • Well Blake, I can only attest to the ability of educated Black men. You know, like the one sitting in The White House. He “competed” with White men and “mopped the floor” with them………twice. No bona fide Black man gives a damn about White men or any others. Will meet them head-on based on MERIT any time. I have a very nice job & competed with LOTS of White men to get it. I didn’t give them a second thought on my path to success. I prepared myself (education), shined during the lengthy interview process (against many White men) and ultimately acquired the position. Like Obama, I have that authentic BLACK MAN SWAGGER. Credentials! I hold my head up “extremely” high in ANY environment. I KNOW that I’m at least “as good as” (in many cases “better than” ) most White men. Again……….nice try !!!

  7. Alexandra Telemaque on said:

    Deuce, please forget me if I make grammatical errors, my 1st language is French. And take note that I am a 40 year-old Black woman.
    You are either very young and immature with a lack of history knowlegde or you are confusing racism with the dislike or the Black woman. When you are racist, living amongst racists as the South is so full of, you can’t publicly admit desiring a Black woman. You have to have very strong gutts in the US of A to publicly be with a Black woman, a strength that most lack. Thanks to the good Almight, I do not live in the US of A.
    Only money counts, as your examples put forward. Money and racist attitudes.

  8. Deuce,

    And you wonder why black women are dating outside their race. Your racist comment of intimidation does not make black women want to date black men, if this how you chose to represent black men…as ignorant and racist. Go find another post to be racist on. Racist!

    • No, actually I don’t wonder nor care why? That’s their business! In fact, do your homework (only a small % date outside of their race). Google it. Most Black women LOOOOOVE them some Black men (date & marry). Speak for yourself !!!

      • Deuce please stop pretending that majority of African American men are a bunch of obamas because you and i both no that is not the case just because obama is very powerful does not mean that he speaks for the majority of black men. There are black men who are very educated, have very nice cars and houses I never said that this was not true, BUT!! those black men do NOT make up the majority of black men. Black men in GENERAL are the most Powerless men in the world!! MOST black men don’t even own the toilets they sit on. So please spare me the bull about how there are educated black men who have it all because I already know that but those men do NOT make up the majority only a small percentage, compared to white men and other races of men MOST black men are not even competition.

      • Blake, I am hardly “pretending” about anything that I said. Apparently, you need to broaden your horizons. As I stated, LOTS of Black men are very successful amongst the company I keep. LOTS !!! Water seeks its own level (which is probably why you can’t seem to fathom this fact). You seem to have this grandiose fantasy of white men being extraordinary. They simply STOLE a nation, then STOLE humans from another nation to toil for centuries to create their ill-gotten wealth. Fast forward to the 21st Century………of course they’re ahead. That was the whole game plan (white privilege). Whites basically “started” at the “finish line” in this race called LIFE. Black men have had to play “catch-up” & are doing just that. Hence, the disparity that you spoke of (which is certainly not by accident). Now, things are rapidly changing & soon whites will have to achieve based solely on merit. UH OOOH !!! Get off of your pedestal man. No one gives a FU_ _ about White men these days but white men…….and YOU. Man most White folks are struggling like hell these days. Losing their homes, jobs & everything else. I’ve seen so many White homeless folks that it’s commonplace now. MOST “welfare” recipients are WHITE (Google it). Man, folks are going for “theirs” and don’t give a damn about a White man these days. Sorry !!!

      • LOL!! you are the fool deuce!! why don’t you dedicate your time and effort into improving your community and keeping your fellow black “brothas” out of jail instead of attempting to come to a website to make an effort to discourage people from exploring their dating options? Black men have many issues to deal with but instead of you trying to find solutions to your issues you choose to come to a website and throw out you “facts” on why you believe black women won’t be able to be with certain white men and for what? did that little fact lower the black male prison rate? will that little fact stop another white man from Killing another one of you black Males and getting away with it?? i don’t think so!! so instead of coming here telling women what they can and cannot do go make yourself useful to your community

      • Blake, you really seem rather hopeless (and bitter). You know NOTHING about me, yet are yapping off about what I should be doing. The fact is, there will always be “some” wayward Black men (like men of EVERY race). I’ve been mentoring in the Black community for years. In doing so, you reach “some” and others still go astray. Even some parents did their best, yet son chose his own path in wrong direction. NO man in my entire family has EVER gone to prison & most are college educated. A few chose military careers instead (working on degrees along the way). I don’t care who Black women date/marry (that’s their call). You act like White men are some special breed of “human”. As if they “walk on water” or something. They sh_ _ , shave & shower (hopefully)…….like ANY other man. The fact is that ANY successful man has his choice of women (across all ethnicities). Most women would leap clear over a ton of White men to be with “Black” Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, etc. As for those who wouldn’t, it’s their own loss. They don’t improve these guys standard of living……at all. Such men have a plethora of readily available women seeking that “upgrade” in their lives. White men are no “threat” to BOSS Black men…….at all. They’re not even an afterthought. Be it famous Black men or ordinary affluent Black men (doctors, lawyers, businessmen, etc.). Do you think that, oh let’s say, Michael Jordan gives a “flying fu_ _” about ANY white man on this entire planet? He knows that most do NOT rival him…….on their best day. When he walks by some White dude, his woman is probably getting “moist”. As I said, White dudes are not even an afterthought to bona fide BLACK men. Not even remotely on their radar of concerns. As for “taking a Black man’s life” as you mentioned, they just haven’t run across the right BLACK MAN. Those with whom I associate would have “crushed” Zimmerman that night. He didn’t seek a Black man, he murdered a 17 year old kid. Such COWARDS are well aware of their boundaries and stay within. Zimmerman dwells within the confines of “KKKlansville” America (he’s always being sinful in Florida, Texas, etc.). He wouldn’t last 2 seconds in certain other places and knows that. He wouldn’t even accidentally look at some so-called THUG in “hoods like DC, Chicago, Detroit, Harlem, Bronx, Compton, Watts, et al “. They would “check” his punk a_ _ (or ANY other White dude with harmful intent)………immediately. Cowards know their place! By the way, I don’t know many women (of any race) who would want an “abusive, fat, unemployed, CHILD KILLER” criminal White guy like Zimmerman anyhow.

  9. You sure make a lot of generalizations. My black wife of near 19 yrs wouldn’t agree with you. I am not some guy at Walmart but a nurse. She is not a bed wench but my wife that I would die for and would give up any spot at a country club for. White don’t always mean it’s right but why would s women limit her options for the love.

    • Of course I’m speaking in “general” terms because it’s a broad audience. Any exceptions to the rule are already implied. Did you expect me to say “well thus and so………except in Rob’s case” ? In other words, if the shoe “DOESN’T” fit………!

      • I wonder what race of men would be so weak and gullible to allow other men to take them from their land, enslave them, stripped them of their culture, and strip them of their language? Ohhhhh only the black man can be that gullible and weak. If you want to continue to live in your little delusional bubble be my guess however I must say throughout everything that black people have endured black women seem to be taking the world by a storm even through having to get past obstacles that no other woman has had to face. Anyways breuce this will be my last comment to you, good day

      • Wow Blake, you’re far more ignorant than I realized. To be kidnapped at gunpoint doesn’t make that person “weak”. If someone walked up to you right now with a gun to your head (you’re unarmed), they could take your money, car or even your life itself. Stop FRONTIN’ !!! Like a criminal who kicks in your front door & invades your home at gunpoint, you were not “weak” for getting robbed. He’s “armed” & you’re not (good-bye valuables). Likewise, those White invaders were complete DEVILS who had the advantage of “gunpowder”. They used it in its most holocaustic, genocidal intent. PERIOD. Superior weaponry in the hands of “inferior” men! That’s also how they stole this nation from the Native Americans (whom they called Indians). The natives’ “bow & arrows” were no match against BULLETS. That certainly didn’t make them “weak” for being violated and robbed of their land. Blacks were NOT “weak” either……..those Whites were just barbaric and evil. Amazing that you make no condemnation of the White man’s INHUMANITY, but so easily blame his victims for their unwarranted pain & suffering. I had no idea that you were actually that much of a F O O L !!!

  10. I understand this woman’s perspective. However, she’s delusional to think that Black woman are highly desired by men of other ethnicities (especially White). There are exceptions along the way, but I’m speaking “generally”. I’m also referring to prominent white men that White women would view as a “loss”. Again, there are exceptions along the way (albeit VERY rare). You will NEVER see the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. with a Black woman. NEVER………they know better. This would alienate them in certain “high” circles. A Black woman is regarded as “bottom rung” on that social scale. An Asian woman is “acceptable” (such as Zuckerberg’s wife), but a White woman is the “gold standard”. Ridiculous as that sounds!
    We’re talking Billionaires & multiMillionaires (affluent men) here. The top-notch! Some Black women will date a “basic” White dude down at Walmart. Just being with a white guy makes them feel somehow elevated in society. Although, they’re perhaps with a White guy that most decent white women have passed on (don’t see as a loss). Yet, the White, Asian or Hispanic women get top-notch Black men with ease. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, etc. (including tons of wealthy Black doctors, lawyers & businessmen sprinkled in there too).
    A very successful White businessman in Atlanta named James Sullivan learned this the hard way. He was worth millions and considered upper echelon among high society. A member of the most exclusive country clubs, elite organizations, etc. Then, he went and married a Black woman named Lita. The “Big Boys” (Corporate contacts) flipped the script on him for that infraction. He knew the “unwritten” rules & broke them. They cut him off big time! No longer welcomed at the fancy events, posh country clubs, etc. They made him persona non grata “socially” & his business suffered. He was no longer welcomed in that lavish world of luxury………and missed it dearly. The “shot callers” at the banks ceased funding him. They’d walk right by like he was a complete stranger now. In other words, don’t “pollute” our realm. He got the message loud & clear. He had his Black wife killed to be accepted again.
    Another Atlanta businessman, Chiman Rai, had his son Ricky’s Black wife killed in similar fashion (for similar reasons). He went a step farther in stating that “a BLACK woman brings shame & dishonor to his family”. Court records said that he felt “humiliated” (among friends & assiciates) from his son having a Black wife. Let’s “keep it real”, Black women are NOT on a par with women of other races (from societal standards of acceptance). Halle Berry is an EXTREMELY beautiful Black woman (can easily hold her own against ANY woman of any race). On top of that, she’s wealthy. Yet, she stated in court that her White ex-husband beat her & often called her “NIG_ _ _” during arguments. In other words, yeah you’ve accomplished much, but you’re still BLACK at the end of the day. Some women are foolish enough to think that some random White dude is their arrival into the “promised land”. Yet, truly powerful White men know that they can only be their “bed wenches” (unless they want to risk their societal status). P L E A S E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Also, I’m a black woman who’s an electrical engineer and my fiancé is a white man who’s a mechanical engineer. We would do anything for each other….been together for four years and his family loves me!!

    • George Lucas’ wife is black and so is Robert De niro’s wife. And according to you, I should be seeing them shelving day old lettuce at my local Wal-Mart. Thank you, for your bitter, ill-informed take on high society lives that you have never been fortunate to be apart of.

      Here is your seat, sir. Please have one.

      • DownWithTheSwirl on said:

        Deuce brings up how black men get “high end” white women, but look at the names he/she brought into it. Tiger Woods? Cheated on his white wife. Kobe Bryant? Really -.- Not even gonna go there. I’ve never had a problem with getting a “high end -.-” white man. They actually cling to me. I’ve never dated a black man, they don’t interest me, at all. And even Joseph Gordon Levitt dated Megan Good for a little bit :). Deuce, you obviously have some issues you need to deal with. I hope you get help soon 🙂 You racist motherfucker.

      • A population of some 350 Million and you have all of “2” examples. Two……….talk about “needle in a haystack”. You’re right about the WEIRD though !!!

    • So basically what Deuce is trying to say by providing examples is that white men value wealth and status over love? I get that what you’re saying in relation to this particular “segment” may be true, but that just reflects on the prevalence of weak morals within high society; going by what you’re saying. You’re putting the blame where it doesn’t belong – on the colour of a woman’s skin.

      • No Tee, I’m not placing “blame” at all. Society already has (long before either of us were even born). Sure, things are gradually improving in terms of race relations. Yet, we haven’t truly reached a “post-racial” society (despite the ascension of Obama). In fact, that deepened the level of bigotry in some regards. We’ve seen how they treat his wife Michelle, the First Lady. She’s just another BLACK woman in their eyes, thus treated accordingly. They have NEVER treated ANY prior (all White) First Lady with such disrespect (regardless of Party). They hold White women to a certain level of dignity, virtue and esteem. Even Oprah, a self-made billionaire, was “dissed” at one such exclusive establishment in Beverly Hills (I think it was Hermes). They knew she could afford ANYTHING in there, but had to put her “in her place” for that very reason. Sure, you’re very wealthy, but to us………still a BLACK woman. Oprah even said they treated her that way because she was a Black woman. Your username says “the realist”, so let’s be REAL. It is what it is in America (and elsewhere).

      • Touché. We aren’t there yet in terms of true equality. I do hold high hopes but yes, being a “realist”, I also see the difficulty in breaking down stereotypes long ingrained in the psyche of society. I understand your point and realise (despite the responses you’re receiving) that you’re not a racist; this is simply the world we live in. However, you have to at least appreciate the reality that interracial dating is happening more and more these days that soon it will inevitably filter into these otherwise “uncharted” territories. Excruciatingly slowly, but surely, the prevailing attitudes will change. All I can say is be happy with progress Deuce, no matter how small… And I guess since you’ve opened up a dialogue on how women from different races are viewed, it just might spurn reflection on some of those falsities.

    • Danielle on said:

      See that’s where you’re wrong, sure black women marrying/dating outside of their race may be a low percentage now but the way things are beginning to look I’ll say within the next few years there’s going to a dramatic change, maybe even sooner. I’m a 46 year old white man and I have been married to my wife who is indeed black for 12 years. I have 2 construction companies one that was passed down to me from my father and the other I build on my own. I also have 4 brothers who are also very successful and they all have black wives. Over the last 14 years I’ve traveled from state to state having business seminars, because of this I’ve met hundreds of thousands of people and these people mainly consist of white men very successful white men and I’ll tell you now days many of these men just within the last 3-4 years are either engaged, married, or confessing their love for black women, now I can honestly say that this may have not been the case many years ago but within these last few years I’ve noticed many white men checking for black women. What I get from your comments is that you try and come off as if you’re just “stating the facts” but my question to you is why did you feel the need to state such facts? How was this beneficial to you or anyone else? Why did you have a strong urge to state such fact? So what if black women want to expand their options how does that affect you? What was your motive? Why did you feel so impelled to post the comment?

    • you call me bitter but you are the one who felt impelled to come onto a space and spew your “facts” about what us white men who are of a certain status prefer, it’s funny how you keep going on and on about all these successful black men as if I said that there were no successful black men, I know that there are successful black men but the FACT is that they only make up a small percentage. As for as white women go, on average black men get the white trash kind of white women sure there are black men here and there who have a stand up white woman but for the most part you know that’s not the case for most black men. MOST of the of white women that do break there necks to be with a black man are normally white women that don’t rank that high in the white social status. You will ALMOST never see a white woman who’s a doctor, lawyer, scientist, and any other high profiled career with a black man. This will be my last message to you young male, good bye.

      • Blake, sorry that the world doesn’t share in your “delusions of grandeur”. The fact is that most white men are “mediocre”…….at best. A very small percentage are wealthy in proportion to their overall numbers. Stop trying to rest on those laurels (remnants of a past societal image). There has been a steadily decreasing “middle class” in this country for years. Ever heard of the HAVE & HAVE-NOTS? Well MOST Whites “have NOT”…….relatively speaking. Living “paycheck-to-paycheck” to make ends meet. A few are doing really good, but MANY are doing rather bad economically. LOTS of White men are struggling like hell. Stop FRONTIN’ like White skin automatically means the “good life”. Bags of gold!!! The Black men who truly desire success……….ultimately get it. TONS of them! Likewise, Black men who desire White woman usually get them. White women bleed every month like the rest (no mere “goddesses”). Actually, a “downgrade” for some Black men. Stop acting like White folks SH_ _ don’t stink! You say it’s your last message, but I think that you’re too infatuated with “Whiteness” to simply STFU. You’ll likely prove yourself a LIAR by blabbering on……..we’ll see.

    • is everyone going to ignore the fact that James Sullivan had his wife killed because she wanted to divorce him? or that Ricky’s culture didn’t value darker skin, not black women? Many black women don’t date outside their race. Not because they aren’t attractive or successful, or seen as low quality, but because they are afraid of the ridicule they will face from ignorant, old-world mentality having people. It is not about race, but color. Even darker skin asian women and Indian women face prejudice in their own society. How about we talk about how many TRULY successful black men married within their race? Oh, no stats on those? one sided arguments and poor evidence disgust me. If we are going to quote examples, how about we provide all of the facts?

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