Five years after being released from prison Michael Vick still can’t shake his dogfighting past.

According to reports, the NFL star’s upcoming appearance at the Greater Raleigh (North Carolina) Chamber of Commerce’s “Evening of Champions” has been met with opposition from those who feel his presence is the last thing they or any young athlete needs. So much so that a petition on, requesting that Vick be replaced at the “Evening of Champions,” has collected more than 66,000 signatures.

“The chamber’s decision to feature Michael Vick as a headliner at the event is insulting and degrading for our community and certainly does nothing to represent the business interest in our community,” the petition stated. “To elevate someone like Michael Vick, as if HE is a champion and have him speak to young, impressionable athletes is ludicrous.”

The opposition to Vick’s appearance at the “Evening of Champions” comes half a decade after the athlete was released from prison in 2009. Vick spent 19 months in prison upon pleading guilty to his role in a dogfighting ring in Virginia.

Despite the protest over Vick, the Chamber is sticking to its guns as it stands by its decision to have the athlete speak. According to its Facebook page, the Chamber selected Vick “knowing that some would disagree, but our steering committee felt that his career story offers our guests an informative perspective about the excesses of fame and money in celebrity culture.”

Speaking to NBC affiliate WNCN, Chamber President and CEO Harvey Schmitt mentioned how the Chamber is looking forward to honoring local sports stars at the “Evening of Champions” as well as the event itself. Regarding the uproar over Vick’s appearance at the event, Schmitt summed it up with a simple observation.

“There is a group of folks, who are very unhappy with Mr. Vick for a variety of reasons — and they are passionate about it,” he said, adding that the Chamber is reviewing all concerns over Vick.

13 thoughts on “Michael Vick’s Raleigh Appearance Draws Protests

  1. Denise Staley on said:

    White folks make me sick with their self righteous attitudes. For the record we are all animals. They started dog fights, chicken fights, human fights. Killing people because of their color or just for the sport of it. They think that we as Black people should just roll over and get over it. Well we never will. Leave Michael Vick alone. It is not about a dog fight with most of you haters. It is about a Successful Black man, whom your white daughters love and adore, and continue to have sex with Him and make more and more BLACK BABIES. IN YOUR FACES!!!

  2. What Vick did was wrong, he went to jail, it’s over with. But my question is this for all of you that keep harping on his animal cruelty situation, are you vegetarians? Do you have leather shoes, coats, purses, etc… Newsflash animals were killed so you can have those things. Perfectly healthy animals. Do you know how these animals are slaughtered? Please believe it’s not in the most humane way. There are people who hunt deer for sport. An innocent dear is shot and some people mount the head over the fireplace. Murder is murder. No matter what road is taken, it all leads to the same destination.

  3. Samantha on said:

    Everyone amazes me with this race card again!! The importance of this event is for champions not criminals, yes he paid his debt but was in no way shape or form actually charged with “animal abuse” please do your research. Also in no shape or form is this man a sports champion, he was connected to steroid abuse?? again do your research…I really dont care the the color of his skin that is completely irrelevant to this even…this is AN EVENT FOR CHAMPIONS!! Im sure anybody can come up with better athletes from all over the would definitely become a positive role model…As far as just white men raping and getting away with it…can we not forget Kobe Bryant ??!! Im just so sick of hearing the race card always thrown up when some one or a group disagrees…You also speak of forgiveness and since yall are doing the race card…what about Zimmerman…can we give this man a second chance? nope I think not! Also everyone throws up the christian card saying we need forgiveness and so on Well if you read and understand the bible,, God also tells us to take care of the Creatures on earth as well, do I need to quote Ghandi?? bottom line Vick does not represent a champion nor is he a role model, he cant even speak at this event for free!!! and to add to this…everytime he does speak at an event in any city …crime rate and dog fighting increase….DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

  4. James R. on said:

    For you Christians where is it in the Holy Bible, not to forgive those who have repented. This man has served his time in prison, paid Court cost and fines, apologized, and have restarted his career. Yet you hold these transgressions against him for ever. Who among you is without sin cast the first stone. If you do not forgive him, God will not forgive you for your sins.

  5. People, need to leave this man alone. I can appreciate the fact that people are looking out for the rights of animals, but M.V. served almost two years in prison for his crime, he admitted his wrong doing, excepted his punishment, and has apologize several times, what more do these people want from this man, these animal rights activist are vicious, and are out for blood, I don’t think a lot of these people even like humans.

    • It’s funny who white people who have never been on this site before come on this site to destroy Michael Vick.of course we all know that there are racial undertones to this.I can feel the intensity against this man from these fake liberals like these people.The man has paid his time for the crimes he has done and apologize on that plenty of times.Why don’t you people go after people who abuse and molest children also.You people are so fake.with all the stuff white people get away with cause of white privilege in this country is something you people can’t understand.You see an opportunity to go after a blackman and you take it now had he gotten away with his crime I would understand the anger but he has paid his debt to society.

  6. I wrote this song for all dogs on chains:
    Please help share my message!!

    Dog On a 10 Foot Chain

    Nothing to look forward to
    Watching cars go by all day
    Nothing to play with, nothing to do
    Shivering in the cold hard rain

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    They don’t even see my tears

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    On a blazing hot summer day
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    Some nights it’s hard to be strong
    I dream of chasing butterflies
    And rabbits all day long

    The world is big and beautiful
    But I’ll never see it all
    Maybe when I go to Heaven
    Someone will throw me a red ball

  7. Karen Batchelor on said:

    “There is a group of folks, who are very unhappy with Mr. Vick for a variety of reasons”.

    What a blatant attempt to dilute the justifiable outrage from right-thinking people at the Chamber’s decision to celebrate a man who tortured so many defenseless animals in the most appalling ways.

    The Chamber is morally bankrupt.

  8. This man has paid enough already!
    When white athletes rape women, and I thought women, meant more to society than dogs, they are not protested!!!
    These are racially motivated protests, they don’t protest white athletes. All you see outh there are white people, no black people.
    We care more about people.
    What he did was wrong but he has paid for his crime!!!!

    • Yes white athletes rape women. But do they rape dogs? These special interest groups are organizations that represent the well being of animals, not people. I don’t think they care that Michael Vick is black only that he took part in the torture and gruesome killing of animals, specifically Pit Bulls. That being said, Mr. Vick paid his debt to society and is in a unique position to do a lot of good for their organizations, in the capacity of spokesman against cruelty to animals, as someone who made that mistake and paid dearly for it. That people believe that he should still be paying is foolish. Instead of trying to prevent Mr. Vick from speaking on the subject, these groups should be taking advantage of his experiences. It always amazes me how, because of self righteous indignation, people are always willing to bite off their noses to spite their faces. Dumbasses.

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