Anyone who watches the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” remembers when Apollo Nida threw Kenya Moore over his shoulder then tossed her into the pool. A collective side-eye traveled through the female race. Come on, what man does something so inappropriate in front of his wife? We were convinced that all the rumors about Kenya and Apollo were true. We caught up with the husbands, Peter Thomas, Apollo Nida and Gregg Leakes, before Apollo was recently arrested and they put the rumors to rest about Apollo and Kenya Moore (and we snuck in a few marriage questions, of course!).

Gregg, Peter and Apollo dished on their sex lives and how much sex a couple should be having in a healthy relationship.

Watch the boys cut-up above, then take a look at this clip of Apollo addressing Chuck Smith!


2 thoughts on “Peter & Gregg Say Apollo ‘Didn’t Smash The Homie’ & Do Their Best RHOA Impressions

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    All of the cast involved in Apollo’s crime spree will lie and say they didn’t know. Phaedra can’t save Apollo or non of the above. They’re all shady, all of those Reality TV cast members are shaddy. In their narrow minds they think they are real actors……LOL!!! They end up broke and looking more stupid.

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Who cares what they say or what their opinion is. They’re like a pack of wild dogs on the prowl, they stick together,. lie and cover for each other, they’re gross and nasty living off their wives paychecks. When will people stop assuming just because Phaedra is an attorney she’s smart and financially successful People PHEDRA IS JUST AN ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY-DUHHH! That doesn’t make her smart, she probably made it through law school with C Average grades and happen to pass the Bar Exam. As a Entertainment Attorney she cannot represent her husband Apollo in Criminal Court. Phaedra is not that bright people, right out of law school she misrepresented Bobby Brown, she misrepresented Sheree and many others. I wouldn’t hire Phaedra to represent me in traffic court, she’s a dummy!!!!

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