D.L. Hughley is married, but talks about cheating quite frequently on “The D.L. Hughley Show.” What’s interesting is that his daughter Tyler works with him and today she’s speaking out on what it’s like to sit in on these conversations. Listen to the audio player to hear what she had to say about her father’s infidelity and how their relationship would change if affected her mom.

15 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley’s Daughter Talks About His Infidelity [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Claire Marie on said:

    D.L. The loss of this fan won’t mean shit to your life so I am going to say what I need to say. You may have more than most of us but you forgot to grow up. Son. It’s past time you become a man an Just a dyck talking.
    Maybe it will happen the first time that Daddy’s girl if yours gets an STD or God forbid HIV from a partner who said he would only bareback with her out of love. “Don’t worry honey I love you I will just fuck them. Condom an all I swear” or when she loses her womb from stds her husband brings home. Or has to choose a c-section over natural delivery because her husband brought home Gono when she was 8 mths pregnant. Surgery or a blind grandchild.

    You are a very sick twisted child. You are overdue to Grow up. Now let me delete you from other aspects of my social media. Waste of time I can’t get back

  2. jhade on said:

    Wow! Unbelievable! Shut utter disrespect for his kids n wife. Its sick that he thinks its ok to humiliate his wife publicly as if that’s funny or domething to be proud of. It doesn’t matter that his wife evidently excuses his blatant disregard for her n his kids….he have kept that quiet n out of the public. He sexes other women n brags about it on air n with his daughter. I used to like him cuz I thought he had class n respect for his family. So sad and ice cold of him.

  3. Beverly on said:

    DL Hughley I like you as a comedian, but as a father and husband, you are an ass. Your daughter is sugarcoating the situation. He needs to acknowledge that his behavior does indeed hurt his wife and children. You are influencing how your kids think about their own relationships in the future. Now your daughter is gonna believe that it is okay for her man to cheat on her as long as she doesn’t cry about it?!.

    There are men that do not cheat and do not have it in their hearts to cheat. DL what if you brought home a disease to your wife or another baby from some side chick, what would you think then? Does that hurt your family? Yes it does. My husband cheated for years and had a child and gave me a disease that almost killed me when I developed cancer from it. My kids have love for their father, but they sure as hell don’t respect him and all 3 of my kids have had trust issues in their relationships because of his behavior. So think you not hurting your family? You are wrong. Somethings just not funny.

  4. toosie on said:

    why is she bringing this out now? as far as im concern she should of went too her grave with it. shes the one hurting her mother now……

  5. This was the most stupid broadcast ever. Even the callers was silly. If you don’t want to be in a monogamous relationship easy Don’t get married.. just have babies mommas. And everyone has the understanding and truth on what the relationship is.

  6. He will do anything to be in the spot light. He is so immature. he doesn’t realize that putting his daughter on blast like this will affect her.

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