As we previously reported T.I. and his wife Tiny had a falling out over the weekend and took to their Instagram accounts to show off. However it was just a falling out…not a falling out of love! According to TMZ T.I. confirmed that despite reports to the contrary they are still together and very much in l-o-v-e!

When  T.I. was a no-show at the Grammy Awards the rumors started flowing that they broke up after a vicious fight and T.I. was too distraught to perform.

But T.I. tells TMZ,

“There was a big argument, but it was over something pretty stupid.”

Apparently Tiny wanted to walk the Grammy red carpet and watch the show but T.I. wanted none of it.  He says they angrily challenged each other on who would end up having more fun that night.

T.I. says the next morning all was back to normal.

So it was basically like we thought it was to begin with. A married couple had a disagreement…which is no different than what happened with married couples all over the world that same day. The only difference was this particular couple was famous. Nothing to see here. We can all move on now.

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