01/29/14- Reverend Al Sharpton talks with the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the 2014 State of the Union address.


8 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Asks ‘Will We Stand as a Nation with President Obama?’

    • You have your opinion & so do, I,chose not to follow someone like are to negative with no proof of your comment, so what you say & feel is your business so keep it to yourself, too negative & just have nothing relevant to say, so just keep your lip service which no one wants to hear to yourself, for I can agree to disagree & I chose to disagree with others here to, just so sad ya”ll are brain washed by the right side of the fence, people who are against you anyway, taking all away from the poor & you still support these Racist Republicans, so much for you & your republican party, I’ll always stand with PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, ya’ll fools here keep standing up for the ones who wants you to have nothing but keep supporting these crooks with your taxes, how dumb can you people get, I guess their is no limit to stupidity for the right wings.

  1. hoodtechie on said:

    Negroes are so quick to forget, hell no I won’t stand with this president. Where was he when he couldn’t show up for a naacp meeting, instead sending tired and old stupid ass joe biden with the same lame ass message? Under this president and his jacked up policies blacks have suffered mightily.Rev al is just riding this president’s jock and licking his shoes. Under this president blacks have the highest poverty rate, highest foreclosure rate, highest unemployment rate and the highest increase in food stamps use, and this step and fetch it clown(rev al) asking blacks to stand by this president,negro please. What I would like to ask master obama, name one thing you have improved in the black community since you have been in office, just one and please don’t say obamacare because my policy was canceled.My new policy under obamacare to cover me and my family will go from $275.00 a month to $653.00 a month with a higher deductible, thanks Obama. Maybe you and rev can go fishing and tell each other how good you made it for black people once your sorry ass is out of office.

    • Just because you got issues, don’t blame someone else what did you do wrong or are you just lying if not just go on an be a republican, then you will really know how it’s gonna feel. I just don’t believe you, I got it with no problem Health Insurance full coverage to where I can afford it, I got my son who is 41yrs old, ACA health insurance, for you are only one person, how is it that it works for others & not for you?

  2. Yes we will stand with PBO, never mind what these right wingers think they are always negative anyway not 1 republican can say they created not 1 job , they are the reason this country is messed up & PBO is trying to get every thing on track but yet & still Republicans are negative it’s their usual way, they will try to stop any & block everything, sure we know things go up & down just like Bush’s days,& he sure did mess up this country, Congress will not pass anything PBO wants it’s their rotten ways as usual to defeat this President, why can’t you people see this, so full of hate & denial that truely becomes you.& for you Valdez we know where your mind is how it works because a brain like yours nobody needs one.

  3. joe Valdez on said:

    President Obama is a “Cut & Paste ” socialist extremist president who is now a “Lame Duck President” witth an approval rating of 36% .Heck all White and Latino Democrat Candidates have declined to campaign along side Obama . That is how popular Obama is. Mariage is Between ONe Man & One Woman . God Created adam and Eve , and Not Adam and Steve , nor does God endorse a union between Jane and Eve. Obama supports perversion , and illegal sexual activities between same sex pigs

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