One man has a new kidney but it appears that he may have lost his heart in the process.

According to the Daily Mail, 45-year-old Andy Lamb dumped his wife after she gave him a life saving kidney.

Samantha Lamb, 41, said her husband was suffering with kidney failure when she opted to give him one of her kidneys to save his life. However, Mrs. Lamb claims that after receiving the kidney, her husband left her to be with another woman.

Mrs. Lamb lost 20lbs in order to donate her kidney and now she wants her kidney back.

Mr. Lamb says he never asked his wife to donate the kidney, he told the Daily Mail, “I never wanted her to donate the kidney because it was a big risk, but she insisted and I will always owe her my life.”

He also denies that he left his wife to be with her friend.

Mrs. Lamb has now filed for divorce.

6 thoughts on “Man Dumps his Wife After Receiving her Kidney to be with Another Woman

  1. Such a noble gesture but a sad ending. Been there before. not with body organs exchange but a slap in the face for a good gesture. Humankind can be cruel sometimes. Many times actually. Hope the man learns one day and goes back to his wife. It always happens. I have thie feeling this narrative is not over

  2. Latonya on said:

    Let him go. He’s only standing where your true love should reside. Now that he’s gone your destiny can take his rightful place.

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