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It seems like there’s no love in the state of Florida for the rapper who remixed the state’s name. Rapper Flo Rida claims to have been a victim of a real estate scam. The scam is said to have cost him more than $170,000.

As the story goes, Flo Rida was all set to purchase a sprawling Florida mansion from Pierre and Marie Malette in 2009. Despite handing over the $170,000 down payment for the property, The Malettes never signed over the property and the deal was never closed. That incident left Flo Rida without the house or his hard-earned money.

The Malettes are now in the process of filing for bankruptcy, but the rapper has filed documents to retrieve his money before the Malettes’ debt is wiped away. According to a source close to Flo Rida, Flo isn’t too angry about not having the house because it wasn’t a house he was intending to live in. The money, on the other hand, is a different story.

Neither side has made a comment about the matter as of yet.

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