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Ladies when it comes to being honest with your man there are somethings maybe you shouldn’t tell him. But don’t you fear “The D.L. Hughley Show” is here to help you out. Listen to the audio below to hear the 10 things you should never share with your man.

Part 1.

Part 2.

 DL:  All right, Jasmine Sanders.  So you have ten thoughts that a woman, no matter what she thinks, should never share with her man.

10.What really didn’t work out between you and your ex.

DL:  I don’t know that’s a bad thing.

9.Well, at least my ex would.

   DL:  He don’t like you and I don’t either.

8.You know, I’ve been thinking about whether or not I really want to be with you.

   SW:  Wow, yeah, you shouldn’t say that.

7.Well, I talked about it with my friends, and they think.

   JS:  Yeah, you should never say that

6. I think you’ve gained a little weight.

   JS:  Never tell your man that.

DL:  Hey Jasmine, I like your little segment because it gives me an opportunity to peer into a world that is foreign to me.

5.I think you could be trying just a little harder.

   SW:  Now, that ain’t bad, you can motivate your man.

4.You’re not very good at what you do.

   DL:  You’re trying to see how much you can do before he leaves.

3.I really don’t like your friend.

 DL:  Yeah.  Well, I don’t like my friend.  Woman are always clairvoyant when it comes to your friends .

2.I forgot to take the pill.

   SW:  Yeah, no, don’t say that.

1. I think your partner is a little small.

   DL:  Wow.

   SW:  Whoa.

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