FOX correspondent Pam Oliver is back in the news again… and it’s over her hair AGAIN.

After reporting from the sidelines during the Seahawks and 49ers game, Twitter and Instagram went wild over her hair.

People commented with remarks like “Does she have a mop on her head?”, “Does Pam look in the mirror”, “It looks like Pam was electrocuted”, “That’s one bad weave”,  and even created memes that compared her to Chewbacca. (See below)


Do you think people’s reactions are fair or foul?

10 thoughts on “Twitter Goes Wild Over Pam Oliver’s Hair; Compares Her to Chewbacca [PHOTO]

  1. Royalty1022 on said:

    Some people will always have something to say! It wasn’t that bad to me… She looked fine considering the weather. Misery loves company…!

  2. James R. on said:

    Did you see the Football game that day, that should explain to you as to why her hair were in disarray. Leave the lady a long, I’m sure she did not show up for work that way, wouldn’t you say the weather has a lot to do with it. Try working in a dirty job all day and come out looking, as neat as you came to work.

  3. This embarrassing to the black culture! I am so sick of those fake looking wigs on black women heads! They didn’t take care of their so they got to wear wigs it to cover BALD SPOTS. All the money these people make coming out looking like a monster!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    The rea; concern with me, is that she thinks she looks fine or okay. Personally go back to what you were born with. Just wash it and comb it everynow and then. That wig looks really bad.

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