Mama Joyce isn’t the only mother from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that has an opinion. Todd Tucker’s mom made an appearance on last night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” and unlike Kandi Burruss’ overly-opinionated mother, she had good words to say about her son’s engagement.

Miss Sharon didn’t take too kindly to Mama Joyce’s harsh words about her son. “I want everyone to know that Todd Tucker has a mother too,” she said after a caller asked her opinions on the show’s current season. “He has family and he was raised to be respect, murals and to be self-sufficient.”

“He didn’t need Kandi and he don’t need Kandi now,” she added, “outside of the love they have for one another.”

And as far as “going in” on Kandi’s mom, Todd told Andy he and his mother never go there. He said  his mom loves him just as much as Kandi’s mom loves her.

Well said Miss Sharon. As NeNe would say, bloop!

6 thoughts on “Todd Tucker’s Mom Responds To Mama Joyce’s Accusations

  1. It’s amazing. Mamma Joyce has been squeaky quiet as Chuck Smith refers to her precious daughter as a whore who slept around. Amazing, that’s the man she wanted Kandi to marry and he has LOUDLY said that Kandi was no more than a jump-off, part of the team, free ass. But noooooo comment from Mamma Joyce . . . cuz he had millions. Now Todd, on the other hand had less money but treats Kandi with respect but Mamma is having none of that. I say, RUN TODD RUN. Todd I hope YOUR MAMA,FAMILY & FRIENDS encourages you to move on. Todd has a mother too. He has a family. How would Mamma Joyce like to hear Todd’s family speak of things WE’VE ALLLLL heard, “Kandi sleeps around, Kandi was a jump-off, Kandi was freely giving it up and there was a line”. Well now, it doesn’t sound so nice when YOUR CHILD’s name is being dragged through the mudd. Does it Mamma Joyce? But hopefully Todd will move on, Kandi will find herself another millionaire just like Chuck Smith who speaks so highly of her. That will be the ultimate catch . . . according to Mamma Joyce. A millionaire (who mamma adores) who refers to your daughter as a cheap piece of ass . . . on national TV!!

  2. Camella, grammar is spelled with an a and not an e.

    Also listen to the interview and you can hear for yourself. She is not ignorant. This is not the first error I’ve seen in articles on this site.

  3. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Is this quote a typo or are these really the word’s Todd’s mother used when she spoke?
    “He has family and he was raised to be respect, murals and to be self-sufficient.”

    I wonder if most reality TV folks went to school let alone graduated from high school. They’re grammer is terrible.

    • Patricia J on said:

      Camella, people that live in glass houses should not throw stones. You should first spell check your words before insinuating that someone did not graduate from school. I’m just saying.

  4. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Clearly and obviously Kandi’s mother advises her on who to date behind the scenes. Kandi might be a smart business woman, and Lord knows she is blessed with a musical gift, but her mother always was and always have a say so on who Kandi should and should not date and/or marry.

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