Wow that just happened?! Stacey Klein a producer from NBC was at the White House and took it upon herself to tell the world that she saw LeBron James ask some girl for her phone number! The follow up questions here should have been…So what? What does that mean? In an industry where people are constantly pitching ideas and asking for you to get involved with various activities and charities etc, is it a shock that someone might have had a conversation with Bron Bron about something that he may have needed to get back to them on later? We mean c’mon…what is he supposed to do? Should he lift the window up and just yell really loud hoping that she hears him?

LeBron James

And by the way they were at the WHITE HOUSE…not the club! It’s not like the White House is known for having a lot of skanks hanging around! Well…not Michelle Obama’s White House anyway! Check out the rest of the details in the video below!

Unless Ms. Klein had info that further describes the situation as sinister we think it’s fair to say that we shouldn’t rush to assume that LeBron is the new Tiger Woods…or even the new Dwayne Wade for that matter. What…too soon?


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