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No one is off limits, not even babies, when it comes to Joan Rivers and her standup.

The comedienne joked about seven-month-old North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as part of her latest comedy routine. And she didn’t have anything nice to say about the famous tot.

Joan explained how she had met North when Kim brought her into the offices of E!, where she hosts “Fashion Police.”

According to RadarOnline, Joan told her audience: “That baby is ugly … I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.”

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15 thoughts on “Joan Rivers on North West: ‘That Baby is Ugly’

  1. Alice Jackson on said:

    Joan Rivers is a washed up comedian. She need to take a long look at herself, but you can’t improve on ugly. I think North and Blue are beautiful little girls. Joan need a new writer for her jokes. AND GET YOUR LIFE.

  2. Nori is absolutely gorgeous and Joan your face looks like a Wlalmart plastic bag. I don’t know how you put on makeup because it looks like if you touch it it would break into pieces oh snap that probably would look better. GTFOH

  3. angela stokes on said:

    Joan I use to like you. Now you messing with the wrong person. A baby , come on. If I were kim and kanye I would go in on your ass. It’s one thing to mess with adults.Better watch your back someone may say something about your only grandchild.. Karma is a bi%$#.

  4. Rosalyn Davis on said:

    Joan Rivers is sick, you don’t go around talking about people kids. What gives you the right, Lady you really think highly of yourself. Have you taken a look at yourself lately. Pleae do before you comment on other people babies or other people period.

  5. She needs to be ashamed of herself. That is a child who didn’t asked to be here. Joan looks like walking death and she is talking about this beautiful child.

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