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The more side chicks begin to put their famous flings on blast for the way the’ve been treated, the more these famous stars are fighting back. In NFL baller Arian Foster‘s case, he is being sued for harassing his side piece so that she’ll have an abortion. However, his tactics haven’t yielded the results he wants. The side chick named Brittany is suing him because of it.

According to the legal documents filed by Brittany, she had a sexual relationship with the Houston Texans running back and they conceived a child a few months ago. Foster is married so his secret love child threatens to destroy his marriage. In effort to keep his marriage in tact, Brittany claims Foster constantly harassed her to get an abortion. Brittany also alleges Arian Foster had his brother harass the woman. The brother even told her, “If you love [Arian] so much you would get an abortion.”

Brittany is due in June and she already had a DNA test performed and the results say there is a 99.9% chance Arian Foster fathered the child. Brittany is suing to establish child support payments, obtain a restraining order and for emotional distress.

Arian Foster hasn’t responded to the lawsuit just yet.



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NFL Player’s Side Chick Claims He Forced Her To Get An Abortion  was originally published on theurbandaily.com