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Being a new member of a gym can be just as nerve racking as being the new kid in school. Gym-idation is very common nowadays as many first-timers and veterans are trying to get their workout on. However, if you’ve faced your fear and coughed up some bucks for a membership this year, then be sure to read this first.

You Are Not Alone

While January may be the most crowded time of the year in the gym, it is also the best time to make new friends. People who share a common goal and create interactions around that goal are more likely to succeed. So if you see that same guy week in and week out on the treadmill next to yours, strike up a conversation. It could be as simple as “Hey good to see you again!” Chances are he’s noticed your perfect attendance, too. The best part is that by opening up, you may find that he’s either a gym newbie, or, even better, a veteran that can show you the ropes.

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