Is it funny to base humor off racial stereotypes?

Well that seems to be the consensus of a lot of folks who’ve seen “White People Crazy” a new music video from rapper Rawcus.

In the song, Rawcus rhymes/name checks Miley Cyrus, Walter White and “half” of President Barack Obama among others while rhyming about white people and all the “crazy” things they do.

The notes the reaction has been “overwhelmingly positive” on YouTube for the video, which features Rawcus and his friends watching viral clips of white people doing silly and dangerous stunts that range from kissing dogs on the mouth to jumping off roofs of houses.

5 thoughts on “Funny or Offensive? ‘White People Crazy’ Music Video Goes Viral (Watch)

  1. candycoatedapple….they also invented Slavery to the United States, she forgot to add that as well…and the fact that black people mostly built all those beautiful, tall things she is talking about, with their bare hands…You are welcome also!!

  2. White people are crazy, that’s why we have the tallest skyscrapers, cars, airplanes, electricity, ect. Just about everything you that brings joy and convenience to your life was invented by a white person, and some of them were crazy enough to take risks, laugh in the face of death and persevere… you’re welcome.

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