Rapper 50 Cent is used to being in the midst of beef. However, in this case, he is battling the mother of his teenaged son Shaniqua Tompkins. For some time now, Tompkins has been calling 50 Cent a deadbeat father. She claims he hasn’t seen his son Marquis in two years. This directly conflicts with the image Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is putting out there because he just had a another child and is constantly posting pictures of the baby on social media.

Well, Tompkins has used her account on social media to blast 50 Cent some more. In her latest rant, she claims the G-Unit leader used to abuse her and their son. She also said the reason he is so angry towards her is because she left him and it brought up all of his hidden abandonment issues.

Check out all of the drama taken from Shaniqua Tompkins’ Twitter account below.

3 thoughts on “50 Cent’s Baby Mama Alleges He Used To Beat Her

  1. Why do people bring God into their ratchet behavior? Perhaps it was God who removed YOU from HIS life, and perhaps maybe you should take your own advice and trust him? Social media has to be the biggest ratchet producer in the world!

  2. Delicate Voice on said:

    Let’s see 50 cent has gone on about his life had another baby with another woman, NOW you want to call him out on abuse and child support and you left him. HONEY He pushed you out>>> Cuz you’re azz is vehemenly crazy go sit down some place. ANd where’s the picture of you and your man…. #jointhelonelybitterwomanclub

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