The Omaha Police Officers Association posted a video on its website of a Black toddler being forced to mimic family members cursing and making offensive hand gestures. “The D.L. Hughley Show” asked a caller if she thought the video was abuse or just good family fun. Listen to the audio player to hear what her response was that made D.L. Hughley go off on her. Was D.L’s response justified?


9 thoughts on “Was D.L. Hughley Right To Go Off On This Caller? [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. He was completely justified. She was obviously a younger mother in her 20’s because sadly, they want to be their kid(s) friends and not their parents. And unless her kids have someone they respect to counteract her ignorant way of thinking, then her son will most-likely be in jail, or God forbid, worse. It’s sad when she tried to really justify that as “good family fun” everyone in that video and the caller are lost for thinking that. Our communities have failed to continue with “it takes a village…”. I’m sure D.L. wanted to say plenty more. I know I wished he would have.

  2. Crystal Oliver on said:

    Mr. Hughley spoke out of frustration of what he sees and knows to be. He was much nicer than I would have been. She spoke about his millions…and sadly because of her attitude and the same attitude of countless more, he is put in the same bucket with the hood rats they are raising. Good Black people are tired of being drug down the tubes by ignorance and thuggery. Parents who feed their children garbage of cursing them out, neglect, financial abuses, not providing a good home life and environment are guilty of murder. Murdering their children’s potential, spirit, dreams and destiny. And you should go to jail for life….because that is what you do to your children;subject them to a life of hell. Bravo Mr. Hughley!

  3. Raynard Nelson on said:

    DL don’t waste you time getting upset with the caller. She was wrong & she seems to think her way is the right way. Also don’t fortune tell. Hopefully she’ll realize the error of her ways. In 1982, Prince had a song called “Sexuality.” In one part of it he wrote, “parents, don’t let your children watch television until they know how to read. Or else all they’ll know how to do is cuss, fight & breed. He also said no child is born bad, they only imitate their atmosphere. This was written over 30 years ago. When I look @ the video, it’s scary to see this coming into fruition.

  4. Shannon on said:

    That is what is wrong with the kids today. EVERYTHING is not good family fun. She needs JESUS! Way to got in that ASS DL. BIG UP’S to you Rev. Deacon, Doctor Hughley !!! AMEN…

  5. Stacey Artis on said:

    Way to GO DL!!!!! The caller CLEARLY does not know your background and the fact that that had you not had people to care for you you would not be here to speak the TRUTH of which that caller CLEARLY will NEVER understand.

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