Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, was convicted early last year for brutally beating a man with his Nike Jordan sneaker and is now suing the company for failing to label the shoe as a deadly weapon, reports Mediaite.

The Portland, Oregon pimp was found guilty of second-degree assault and sentenced to 100 years in prison after stomping the face of a client who tried to sex and dash without paying his prostitute in June 2012.

Clardy, who was called an “anti-social psychopath who was 100 percent likely to commit violent crimes again” by a psychiatrist, beat the man so badly that he required plastic surgery on his face.

He also severely beat the 18-year-old woman he forced into prostitution until she bled from her ears, according to Oregon Live.

Read Clardy’s complaint below:

“Under product liability there is a certain standard of care that is required to be up-held by potentially dangerous product,” Clardy wrote in a three-page handwritten complaint. “Do (sic) to the fact that these defendants named in this Tort claim failed to warn of risk or to provide an adequate warning or instruction it has caused personal injury in the likes of mental suffering.”

Clardy was so hostile and unstable during his sentencing hearing that he was held in restraints with his lawyer a safe distance away at a judge’s recommendation, reports Oregon Live.

Nike will be served with Clardy’s lawsuit and be given the opportunity to respond.

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19 thoughts on “Pimp Beats Man With Jordans, Sues Nike For $100 Million

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