Gospel singer Christine Vest has apparently had enough of folks taking shots at her for having a baby out of wedlock with Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard.


Rhymes With Snitch reports the gospel singer recently aired her haters out via a note on her Instagram page. The following is Vest’s letter in its entirety:


I’m sorry, but I just have to address all the …people… that consider “having a child out of wedlock” a “sin.” Having fornication is the sin, people.


(Is it a sin to adopt a child while still single? No!)

Therefore, anybody else who has FORNICATED needs to shut ur mouth on this issue because you sound dumb.

ABORTION is the sin. Should I have aborted my child to appear as tho I’m not sinning? (Honestly) Anyone who has had an abortion to cover up their sin of fornication needs to shut your mouth on this issue because you sound dumb. The only people that can even SPEAK on this issue are VIRGINS!

And even then, THEY SIN TOO!

If you want to rebuke me for fornicating, thanks, but I have repented already. But if you’re trying to hurt me by criticizing my choice to KEEP MY CHILD, then you’re worse than me and wasting you’re time because to me YOU LOOK FOOLISH! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Gospel Singer Christine Vest Blasts Critics of Her Out of Wedlock Child with Dwight Howard (PHOTO)

  1. Ms Hatchett on said:

    Whoa! Some of y’all need to take a seat. Guess WHAT?? You’re still judging. Leave her alone she’s a human and we all fall short of the glory of God yes, chile even you self righteous, indignant, ignorant folks. Ugh sickening. Reminds me of a old saying,”if you don’t have something nice to say,,, sit YO ass down and take a seat” Beautiful baby honey…

  2. LISTEN people, as a TRUE apostle of Christ, I will say three things in her defense, and these three things are also in the offense of her transgressions.

    1) Not a Hypocrite, Not a Saint: Hypocrite isn’t the proper term. She is not preaching one thing, and practicing another. She is only a singer. She has a beautiful voice. If you were inspired by her voice, it’s because you are susceptible to deceit. God is not deceived by these earthly things. You put these gospel singers on a pedestal, saying that they are anointed simply bc, “they can sing.” The lord said, “these people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

    2) You can’t Judge her, but GOD will Judge her. She is right, “fornication is a sin.” If you had sex before marriage, you are guilty of the same sin. Do you think bc you used contraceptives, you are less guilty of sin? You can’t judge her. That being said, the “everybody else is doing it” excuse doesn’t work with God. She will be held accountable for her sins if she doesn’t repent. Jesus said, “Those who do not repent shall perish.”

    3) She doesn’t owe you an apology, she owes God an apology. She doesn’t have to apologize, she doesn’t have to explain herself, she doesn’t even have to tweet a thing bc you are not her final judge, only God can condemn her. Therefore, she doesn’t owe you an explanation, she doesn’t owe you an apology, she doesn’t have to address this with you. The fact that she responded by tweeting this nonsense only shows that her desire is not to please God, but to please the world.

  3. blujfro on said:

    Just slow down. Why are you angry. You should have expected and overlooked the criticism. Woman of God. Especially if you see nothing wrong with your display.

    • Right, all she had to do was repent. Her response shows she has not repented. Instead, she is trying to justify her wrong by asserting that those who criticize her are “haters.” No one is hating, we are just sick of people misrepresenting Christ.

  4. the Timekeeper on said:

    It doesnt matter if you are a slut, just as long as you have money. Even church girls know how to be gold diggers. Gabriellle Union / Dwayne Wade, same thing. It might be time to stop faulting thse men and take a long, hard look at women who pull their panties down for any of them without hesitation so they can get some bling. If a decent, hard working average man came along and asked them politely for a date, they would turn their nose so far up in the air you would see the boogers in their nose. Yeah, I said it! Why, because its true and you know it.

  5. Tyrone on said:

    BE FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY sayeth GOD [Gen. 1:28], in words to say, GOD works in mysterious ways to replenish the earth in ways we think is a sin.

  6. Common Sense on said:

    She needs t o shut her mouth we have all may bad decisions but never would I have laid down with a man who already has a rep for being a slut

    • Be 4 Real on said:

      Common Sense, I disagree with you. The bible says we ALL sin and come up short of the Glory of God!! She made a mistake with a so called slut as you say but stop being so self righteous because I’m sure if you have had sex, your significant other may have a past too… Just not as heard about as Dwight Howard.

  7. Religion is just about meaningless in todays society. The goal was never a big display of fake holiness but to teach people to live a righteous and disciplined life. Spirituality is what the Prophets taught and what the world needs to return too.

    • LaMonte on said:

      100% right, people need to start looking inward and worry about taking care of their spirit, and stop worring about what the folks down at the church are going to think. Because in the end your deeds and choices are between you and your God. Whoever that God my be.

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