KETV has discovered troubling details involving the Omaha toddler who was video recorded being encouraged by adults to swear and behave inappropriately.

The video titled “The Thug Cycle” was originally posted on the Omaha Police Officers Association’s website after being discovered on Facebook. Since then, the video has gone viral and the child featured and three other children have been removed from the home.

Most reports indicate the child was removed because of the video but KETV has uncovered that unfortunately the household has a history putting the child in bad situations.

KETV reports:

In a petition obtained by KETV NewsWatch 7, a social worker contracted with the state notes adult relatives of the toddler repeatedly allowed known gang members into their home and full access to the minor children there, even after the state paid twice to help the family relocate due to fears of gang activity.

The petition also noted that the toddler was one of five injured in October when someone fired shots through the front door of a home.

In December, the toddler’s grandmother, Kimberly Devers, was arrested on weapons charges. Police said a family gathering also included five firearms in the house where children were present.

With Devers in jail, Kierra Johnson, 19, was left to care for the toddler and three other children.

Two days before the video went viral on Facebook, authorities said Johnson went to a caseworker to report she was having trouble with a relative who originally posted the video.

The evidence was apparently enough for state caseworkers to remove the children from the home.

The supervising social worker noted Johnson has been provided family support, case management, community referrals and financial support.

The supervisor argued — due to the persistent and pervasive pattern of concerning behavior and gang-related affiliation — it is an immediate and urgent necessity to remove the children from Johnson’s care.

The toddler and his 16-year-old mother, Ennisha Devers, are in state care, along with her 12- and 15-year-old siblings. Johnson’s baby is also in protective custody.

Ennisha Devers spoke exclusively with KETV NewsWatch 7’s Dave Roberts, saying she is a good mother and is not raising another gang member.

Continue reading KETV’s report here.

7 thoughts on “New Details Surface in Toddler Cursing Video; Toddler’s Mother Speaks Out

  1. I saw that myself during the day. 4 talking to a toddler on 34th and 8th. Urging him to say one of the most common terms of certain people. It begins with the letter M and ends with the letter R. Sometimes it is two words and other times I have seen it as one.

  2. Police website says “A powerful cycle that must be broken if we ever hope to get a handle on violence in Omaha.” Incorrect. That’s an example of bad parenting and irresponsible, uncouth, immature, hopeless parasites that need cognitive intervention. They actually should be arrested for encouraging & teaching that baby that BS. It is abuse!

  3. this is so horrible on SO MANY levels…i was so angry when i saw this video…what kind of life can this lttle boy hope for when the people that are supposed to be looking out for him are calling him a “B!tch N!gga” or “H0E”…teaching him to say things like “suck my d!ck” she can try to absolve herself of responsibitly by saying she wasn’t in the room, but there is no way she was unaware of what was going on in that room, and the subsequent video that was posted on facebook. As parents, we are supposed to want MORE for our children…we are supposed to teach them to aspire to be better!! All kids curse??? It’s sad that she thinks that way, because that is definitely not a true statement…Kids do what you allow them and teach them to do..And it’s clear that she was raised in that type of environment as well…She’s only 16…a child herself..and has no clue what constitutes being a good mother, since she has no example to draw from…the cycle just goes round and round…this is why we as a people keep ouselves down…we don’t teach our kids that they can be more…sad

    • You are right on the money but prepared for the excuses to flow in as usual. We as a ppl. love to blame others for our lack of responsibility. We need to look in the mirror 24/7 and not to comb hair or apply makeup.

  4. I said it. on said:

    This baby is the victim, so I don’t understand why his face is continuing to be shown.

    The mom of the baby hasn’t had a good example, but seems to want better for her child. There wasn’t much she could do, to control the situation at 16, in a house of fools.

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