The Carters made sure their little bundle of joy celebrated her second year of life in style — and privacy.

On January 7th, Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday, Beyonce and Jay Z shut down Jungle Island adventure park in Miami. This allowed for the family of three to enjoy the botanical garden and exotic animals without distraction.

According to reports, they explored all of the theme park’s main attractions, including lemurs, orangutans, kangaroos, penguins, lions, tigers, leopards, a flamingo lake, and a Pepsi-sponsored parrot bowl. (Nice Pepsi plug, Bey!)

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly how much it cost to rent out the entire park because park officials decided to keep that number under wraps. Nonetheless, at least we got a picture!

Check out the shot below and Bey’s special birthday shout-out to her daughter on Tumblr.

3 thoughts on “Beyonce & Jay Z Shut Down Theme Park For Blue Ivy’s Big Birthday Bash

  1. In other news, Beyonce and Jay Z reportedly bought Blue Ivy a $75,000 Arabian horse as a birthday gift. Whilst many have gone on to question the ‘rumor’ I already know by now that the Arabian horse probably does exist and that bixch probably cost $750 000. But then again who can put a price on love and (celebrity) babies?

  2. Debbie on said:

    Happy Birthday, Blue. We don’t need to know the cost, it ain’t our business. Her parents work and can buy her whatever they want!!! I spent lots of money on my daughters 2 year old birthday party.

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