The Kushite rulers were buried in significantly marked mass graves, outlined with stones. Along with burial practices, the Kushites had adopted many of the known Egyptian practices such as the use of pyramids and adopting the names of Gods for their kingship names.

One of the more well-known kings was King Piya, who ruled from 743 to 712 BC. King Piya ruled Upper Egypt and Nubia from Napata and Thebes. He had declared himself king for all of the land. It was his rule and the rule of a future king, his son, Taharqa, who brought the Meroitic script style of writing to Egypt along with large amounts of prosperity.

The Kingdom of Kush may have been ruled under a “Robinhood” concept; the extra produce collected from the people would be redistributed, or everyone lived off the land. In history, the Kushite capital was eventually captured in battle and burnt to the ground in 1st century AD by the Roman province of Egypt.

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  1. Fleetwood on said:

    Please read, “The Destruction of Black Civilization” by Chancelor Williams for information about Africa that isn’t readily available in American schools. Fleetwood

    • who were the Olmec and what did Black people do to be cussed in the old testament. surely the anti African sentiment can not be down to sexual inferiority alone. it must relate to something pre biblical or not Mildred?

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    I am so glad to see black history beyond the last couple hundred years on such a popular site. Our history runs a lot deeper than a lot of us know. Keep facts like these coming.

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      If you only knew how much!! But you cannot get into Harvard, Yale, Poodunk U, unless you can answer biased entranced exams. Its amazing to me how a grade point or an iq is based on a distortion.

  4. That’s some heavy & deep Black History, very heavy!!! You guys are rendering an invaluable service to the Black populace & humanity in general by revealing Black History Facts.

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