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Tyler Perry has had a run of hit movies so when Oprah Winfrey tapped him to help save her struggling network, he responded. His soapy The Haves and the Have Nots is just one of the shows (Another Perry show Love Thy Neighbor is also part of the OWN lineup) that has helped OWN rebound and it starts its second season tonight at 9 p.m.

The story of two families – one White, one Black at opposite ends of the economic spectrum has had viewers gasping and guessing since it’s start. Star Tika Sumpter, who plays the conniving Candace, has been a large part of the show’s success and our own Tom Joyner is her biggest fan.

So what is Candace up to next?

“Last season ended with a bang. There was a car accident caused by Wyatt and Jeffrey came out and Candance is definitely on the prowl to get this money from Amanda and manipulate her,” Sumpter says.

However, Sumpter says that Candance does have a softer side and that may be on display this season, although its not clear exactly what “softer” would entail where Candace is concerned.

“The season starts off with a death,” Sumpter reveals. “Just make sure you tune in tonight. It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s juicier. I’m grateful for all the people who are following the show. They have showed so much support.”

Sumpter also stars in the upcoming movie Ride Along with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart and right now she’s on the the set of Get on Up, the James Brown biopic starring Chadwick Boseman (42) that is currently shooting in Mississippi. She plays one of Brown’s background singers, who has a child with him. After years in the business, this is clearly Tika’s breakout moment and she’s appreciative of the opportunities.

“I’ll be in L.A. next week for the premiere of Ride Along. I’m excited about that movie. It’s funny and lighthearted and they’re great. I’m continuing to work hard and put my head down. I’m excited that people are hiring me and I can be different characters. I love that people are believing in me and I hope they continue.”

2 thoughts on “Tika Sumpter Enjoys TV and Film Success in ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ and ‘Ride Along’

  1. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    I cannot figure out why this sister wants to put weave in her hair. This sister would look so much better if she just shows her natural hair. I know its not for me to figure out, I’m just saying.

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