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Keisha’s back. And so is the rest of the cast of VH1’s popular scripted series Single Ladies which returns for Season 3 tonight at 9 p.m. LisaRaye McCoy, who plays Keisha, a former video vixen turned real estate entrepreneur says that even though there was a delay between last season and the current one, people are happy that it’s back.

“Everybody’s been waiting for it to come back because we took a minute off,” McCoy told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “We had new writers and a new cast. People are involved in the show. They talk to me in the grocery store. ‘Keisha! No, LisaRaye. Are you and Malcolm going to get back together? Are you and Malcolm going to get married. Tell me. I know you know. ‘

For McCoy, Season 3 is a chance to show a different side of Keisha. This season she’s secure in her relationship with Malcolm, a self-made millionaire. Although they’ve had some issues before getting to this point, including an FBI investigation and a shady ex-wife, they seem to be on stable ground. Well, unless you’ve seen the preview clip, where Malcolm tells Keisha he sees a storm ahead. Uh-oh.

“Season 3 for Keisha is growth,” McCoy said. “She’s in love. She and Malcolm are finally committed and they live together. It says something about a relationship when you move in with a guy. You’re trying to make that guy your husband so you’re acting like you’re wifey material. You find out things are wrong with him and he finds out things are wrong with you but you still have to commit to argue under that one roof and say OK we’ll come back together. You see me really showing Malcolm that I’m the one. So the show this season is sexiness, great co-stars, a lot of guest stars and a lot of drama.”

Co-stars Travis Winfrey (Omar) Charity Shea (April) and real-life newlywed  Denise Vasi (Raquel) are all back this season with their own storylines. DB Woodside returns as Keisha’s love interest, Malcolm,  Damien Dante Wayans plays Shea’s love interest and singer LeToya Luckett plays her new boss, a tough industry talent manager. Terrell Tilford returns as Sean, Keisha’s former love and Harold “House” Moore is back as Malcolm’s brother.

As for LisaRaye’s own single status, she says it’s unchanged, despite rumors of a romance with “Preachers of L.A.” star, Bishop Noel Jones.

“I never was dating Noel,” McCoy says. “You know how they do me. Everyone that they see me talking to they make it new couple alert. He’s a friend. I attend the church. He’s helped me out a lot as a mentor. I used to be a Buddhist for about five years. So I’ve actually been searching to find out how to have a greater relationship with God where I can hear from him and I can pray and it’s not just a five-minute prayer on your knees.”

LisaRaye says the title of single lady suits her on the show and in real life at the moment. She’s looking more to her various projects (all of which you can get more information on via her website) than she is to marry again. At least, right now.

“I really think that since the divorce and planting my feet firmly again where I do, you find power in that. I’m relevant. I’m out there. I got a hair line that’s coming out and a candle line. I’ve got a flat iron deal with RedPro. I feel good about my branding and what I’m doing and where I’m going and I know that has everything to do with God. I’m so thankful right now.”