Beyonce may have gotten herself in a little more trouble than she was expecting with her latest move.

The ‘Drunk In Love’ singer posted a photo to Instagram with her posing in front of a rendering of Leonardo Di Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ with the words “It was all a dream” barely visible above it and “Juicy” below it — an apparent nod to the song “Juicy” by slain rapper, The Notorious B.I.G. There’s only one problem: she appears to be intentionally placing herself in the middle of the photo, blocking Jesus Christ.

Queen Bey, or “Beysus” to her fans, has not responded to the brewing controversy, but the 32-year-old singer is no stranger to upsetting people.

Just last week, NASA, and grieving family members, responded to Beyonce sampling the audio from the fatal 1986 Challenger explosion in the song ‘XO’ from her latest self-titled album.

Queen Bey responded with the following not quite apology:

“The Challenger accident is an important part of our history; a tragic reminder that space exploration is risky and should never be trivialized,” said the statement from Lauren B. Worley, NASA’s press secretary. “NASA works every day to honor the legacy of our fallen astronauts as we carry out our mission to reach for new heights and explore the universe.”

While fans were quick to support her on the NASA issue, the latest dust-up with the ‘The Last Supper’ is drawing more critics.

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7 thoughts on “Beyonce Blocks Out Jesus In ‘Last Supper’ Photo?

  1. …maybe she is in that position for symmetry!? Jesus is at the center of the picture, so in order for the shot to be perfect, naturally, Beyonce would have to align herself…in the middle…; Everything is not a crisis black people- let’s do better!

  2. Is Jesus in the picture of high unemployment rate, homelessness, high divorce rates, and very low marriage rates; plus skyrocketing crime? Where’s Jesus on that?

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