Janelle Monáe took to the stage with one of her idols earlier this week! For the first time, she and music legend Prince performed their duet “Givin Em What They Love” for a live audience.

The concert took place at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and while on stage, Prince declared Monae’s video for “Q.U.E.E.N.” featuring Erykah Badu the best video of the year. He added that The Electric Lady, which dropped in September, was the best album of 2013.

During a previous interview with Billboard, the 28-year-old songstress said working with Price “was an honor.”

“He’s been so excited about my career, and I don’t take that for granted,” she said. “He’s a mentor to me — he does take the time to mentor other artists, not just myself. So he took me on tour with him. It was very organic for us to work together, but I know he does not collaborate with everybody that he performs with, and I don’t take that for granted. And I got the opportunity to produce him, so to present the ideas and see it through, I was just honored that he trusted me.”

The “Primetime” singer brought in the New Year as the headliner at Atlanta’s 25th Annual Peach Drop 2014!

Check out footage from her powerhouse performance with Prince below.

3 thoughts on “Prince & Janelle Monáe Perform Their Duet Onstage For The First Time!

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