It seems Dwyane Wade isn’t the only celeb to find himself a baby daddy outside of his relationship.

Nope, he’s got company in the form of Ludacris, who also supposedly took a break from his main squeeze, Eudoxie, and ended up like D-Wade.

According to TMZ, Luda hooked up with “some random chick” and got her pregnant. He’s admitting he’s the daddy and even wants to legally establish his paternity and then set a hard limit on his child support.

The said “random chick”/baby mama goes by the name Tamika Fuller. She gave birth to Cai Bella Bridges December on 9.  And here’s where things get real interesting.

The rapper/actor is worried that Tamika knows she’s got a winning hand in the situation.  So he’s filed legal documents — obtained by TMZ — claiming he’s only making $25,842.41 a month on average.  Under Georgia law that means his monthly child support payment would be set at $1,754.66.

We’re guessing that Luda is hoping Tamika isn’t smart enough read this report and find out that according to Forbes, he is worth at least $12 million.

Good luck Luda. With Tamika … and Eudoxie.

5 thoughts on “Ludacris Admits to Being a New Dad But Wants to Keep Baby Mama Out of His Pockets

  1. If you want to keep “Baby Mama” out of your pockets, start wearing a “Condom”, then there’s “NO” baby mama to worry about in the first place.

  2. Ladysilver on said:

    Betcha Bill Riley is enjoying his coffee this morning. hahahahaha As far as the baby is concerned, I hope this dad remember that one day, these same children they try to short change, will do the same to them.

  3. He’s living up to the true meaning of his stage name “ludacris.” The spelling is a little off but the meaning is still the same.

    Ludicrous – synonyms (absurd, ridiculous, preposterous, foolish, idiotic and stupid)
    Having sex with a relief piece without a condom – pick one or all of the above
    Letting his man part take the lead over his brain – pick one or all of the above
    Thinking the judge is going to buy his fizzy math income calculation – pick one or all of the above
    Act first and think of the consequences later – pick one or all of the above

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