Melissa Harris-Perry, who apologized for a provocative segment on her MSNBC show about Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson, who is black, does not deserve to be fired as some critics have suggested.

Just let it go.

And here’s another thought: I question whether Harris-Perry actually needed to apologize in the first place.

After noting that both Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir had recently left MSNBC in the wake of highly controversial comments, CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield said “some are calling for Melissa Harris-Perry to be fired.”

Not sure who “some” of the people are, but Harris-Perry, brilliant thinker and analyst should stay in her anchor chair.

Harris-Perry came under fire after joking about a photo of the Romney family while Romney held his black grandson on his knee. The panelists on Harris-Perry’s show joked about the baby being the only black person in the picture.

Comedian Dean Obeidallah said: “It sums up the diversity of the Republican Party and the [Republican National Committee], where they have the whole convention and they find the one black person.”

Harris-Perry said the baby is “gorgeous,” and she said she imagined what would happen if Kieran and North West got married and Mitt Romney and Kanye West were in-laws.

That’s an offense for which Harris-Perry should be fired?

I don’t think so.

Moreover, it was comedian Obeidallah who initiated the truthful and uncomfortable truth: That the Republican Party is overwhelmingly white and lacks racial diversity.

I believe Harris-Perry showed integrity by apologizing – and perhaps her superiors at MSNBC were relieved by her apology. But since Obeidallah made the joke, it really wasn’t incumbent on Harris-Perry to apologize for him.

But she did graciously apologize for her show.

“I am sorry. Without reservation or qualification. I apologize to the Romney family,” Harris-Perry said. “I work by the guiding principle that those who offend do not have the right to tell those they hurt that they [are] wrong for hurting. Therefore, while I meant no offense, I want to immediately apologize to the Romney family for hurting them. As a black child born into a large white Mormon family I feel familiarity w/ Romney family pic & never meant to suggest otherwise. I apologize to all families built on loving transracial adoptions who feel I degraded their lives or choices.”

“Whatever the intent, the segment proceeded in an unexpected way that was offensive,” she wrote. “Without reservation or qualification, I apologize to the Romney family and to all families built on loving transracial adoptions.”

I believe Harris-Perry’s apology was sincere.

Meanwhile, the underlying issue here is that Republicans have a serious diversity problem – and an ongoing racial insensitivity issue to acknowledge.

Where was the outrage from conservatives when Sen. Ted Cruz, speaking to a crowd in Houston, Texas earlier this year, took a

narrow-minded shot at President Obama’s struggling website launch for the Affordable Care Act and managed to insult black people on two continents.

“You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately,” Cruz told the audience. “They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website.”

By using “Nigerian” in his warped wisecrack, was Cruz deliberately trying to link Obama to scammers because Obama’s father is African? (Obama’s father is actually from Kenya, so perhaps Cruz also needs an Africa geography lesson.)

Or was Cruz trying to fire up his hate-filled conservative base by not-so-subtly introducing Obama’s African roots to the discussion of Obamacare, which Republicans are desperate to derail?

Cruz later explained that his ill-advised remark was simply a joke. And the GOP seemed satisfied with his explanation.

Meanwhile, for those who want Harris-Perry fired for joking about Romney, her apology may not have been necessary, but it was sincere.

And now it’s time to move on.

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28 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Melissa Harris-Perry Apologized; Critics Should Move On

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  2. judith chenevert on said:

    No one ever gets bent out of shape when someone says something about POTUS of FLOTUS. one should think why did this family want to adopt a child different from them. The Mormon church does not allow minorities to advance in the church. Why was the child dressed in pink and all the other boys dressed in blue.
    I certainly hope Dr. Harris-Perry is not made to resign. Martin Bashir should be returned to MSNBC’s line up…People are tooo sensitive and not fair who they censor.

  3. IwantToSeeNangaParbat BeforeIdie on said:

    This is the right-wing fake scandal machine in action.

    You know what the irony is? For years the right-wing has accused the left of being “politically correct” when the left has pointed out ways in which the right has been insensitive or said offensive things. It was their way to marginalize the left’s critiism without actually giving a substantive argument to critize it.

    But here we see the right-wing using the very same arguments that they accuse the left of using.

    Note the totally different way that the right-wing reacts to Duck Dynasty as opposed to Martin Bashir’s comments or what MHP and her guest said. In Duck Dynasty it is a “free speech” issue where Phi has to deal with these annoying pesky political correct “leftists” but now since someone said something that seems on the surface unfavorable to their own, all of the sudden its no longer a “free speech” issue and all of the sudden being offended is no longer politically correct(because the attacks aren’t direct at those on the right but left). See how their stupid game is played?

  4. If Melissa Harris-Perry was WHITE should would have been fired within 24 hours. Fire the wench NOW. The most racist folks are BLACKS … .Do as I say not as I do …. HYPOCRITES ….

  5. the Timekeeper on said:

    You are absolutely correct Darrin. JoeValdez and another guy named JanCorey are paid Koch Brothers informants. They patrol various minority wbsites for the express and sole purpose od=f adding racism, bigotry and hateul comments into the dialogue simply for distortion. Your hesitation feelngs were very accurate.

  6. on said:

    Harris-Perry said the baby is “gorgeous,” and she said she imagined what would happen if Kieran and North West got married and Mitt Romney and Kanye West were in-laws… If a white person would have made this very same statement, this would not even be an issue. Please stop the hypocrisy people!

  7. the Timekeeper on said:

    This was a very good conversation until the racist, bigited statmentrs about Obama had to come in to the conversation. Whether you agrfee with Melissa or not, there is no need for name calling, race baiting and hatefful speech to defame this conversation.

  8. Braveman on said:

    Ted Cruz needs an African geography lesson in the same manner that Obama needs an American geography lesson….after all ….during the 2008 campaign….it was Obama who said that he had been in “57 States”.

    Talk about an idiot !!!

    • YOU ARE A PIECE OF RACIST SHIT! What are you white jerks scared of? You are probably some trailer park trash anyway. Ever wonder why so many of you live in poverty? Just keep voting your greedy republican politician living in the mansions into office and they will keep showing you what they think of you.

  9. Braveman on said:

    The fact that this Socialist-Communist “W”itch would make these kind of comments or allow them on her “low-rated” show on the “lowest rated” network on cable tv is nothing new. She and all of the other shills on that faux network are nothing more that water carriers for that big-eared big mouth lying son of a Kenyan who “occupies” the White House.

    Just look at the kind and type of people she has on her show as well as the type and kind of people employed by that worthless network.

  10. Melissa Harris-Perry should not be fired from MSNBC. She apologized for the remarks made on her show, so lets move on. Critics want Melissa fire because she is very articulate and has backbone. I hope MSNBC has backbone. IF MSNBC does anything, Melissa should gets a promotion. MSNBC please do not get rid of one of your brightest employer and change your platform like CNN did when they got rid of Soledad O’Brien and Roland Martin. We all know what that was about, to stop the two from condemning wrong when they had the platform to bring it to millions around the globe..

    • Mr. Valdez, it sounds like you’re the biggest racist on this blog. The undertone behind your words spell hatred, anger, and bigotry. Please self-evaluate.

  11. bobbcatt88 on said:

    all they got is hate, Mrs Harris has brains and pretty, same problem they have with Mrs Obama. MSNBC should show some backbone.

  12. The next time a white commentator says something offensive and, then apologizes, Mr. Cottman, I’d like to see the same editorial for everyone to “move on”. I’m no GOP apologist, I just for fairness.

    • If their a white liberal that says something about a black conservative there wont be a need for a “move-on”
      article because the liberal media will bury it. (Sen. joe biden 2008 campiane “Obama he’s a clean articulate AA”) I guess that was a surprise for him to see such a black man

  13. the Timekeeper on said:

    I dont know if Melissa even had a need to apologize, but at least she had the courage to do so. Which is more than anyone can say for the GOP, the right wing, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Back, Sean Hannity who have all said out loud racially charged, hagteful and bigoted statemens ever since Obama has become president. Melissa doesnt need to rev up any base. That is what the GOP is doing when they see Confederate Flag Waiving in front of the White House and refuse to denounce it. In fact they applaud it. Now that is a Doulbe Standard. No, make that a Triple Standrd because they actually get applause when they sing off on this kind ob bigotry. That is the double stanrd. Hase anyone on the right ever, ever apologized for the over the top, sruff theu do? No, and do you know wy. Becuase no one calls them on it.Thats the double standrds. Melissa apologied. Good foer her, it takes a real man or woman to do so. There is no one on the right who is man enough to do the same. They simply want to whine over things like this. And yet do the same ( or worse) every day of the week. The right wing are the ones riling up their base. And who is thier base? Daddy Duck and the Duck Dynasty crowd. Theirs your riled up doulbe standard base for you!

  14. BLACK MOSES 73 on said:

    Apologized;Critics should move on.Get real.Sounds like a classic case of double standard to me.She is no different than when those idiotic white people say tasteless things and apologize afterwards to cover up the fact that they preplanned it.She is a proffessional and in her field i don’t think she think about stuff after the are not a comedian.Today’s journalism at it’s the same time we will not forgive white people when they say stupid ?hit. Sounds like she trying to gather her black fans by making somewhat racial jokes.Get black people rowled up at your convience.(Classic)

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