LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michelle Obama is leading an outpouring of support for Robin Roberts after the “Good Morning America” news anchor’s first public acknowledgement of her 10-year, same-sex relationship with massage therapist Amber Laign.

The first lady wrote Monday on Twitter: “I am so happy for you and Amber! You continue to make us all proud.”

In a Facebook post Sunday, Roberts thanked her “longtime girlfriend” for providing encouragement during Roberts’ battle with myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood and bone marrow disease.

Many celebs also took to Twitter to send Roberts messages, including Ellen DeGeneres, who tweeted, “Good morning, America! Congratulations.”

Comedian Wanda Sykes wrote, “Go on with your bad self!”

Country singer Chely Wright, who came out in 2010, also expressed support through the social media site.

(Photo: AP)

14 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Adds to Support for ABC’s Robin Roberts

  1. Bilal Muhammed on said:

    I have a deep respect for Michelle O’Bama, however it is against her religious beliefs and the principles that she stands for to support such immoral behavior, again, this type of attention only adds to the moral decay of America, study the history on this issue.

    • sosickofyou on said:

      First Lady might be the one who bring them out! I would love to see the look on her face if one of her girls admit that they are gay! I think Michelle is getting too out of hand and needs to settle down.

  2. the Timekeeper on said:

    I am glad robin Roberts finally came out. Not because I am glad for her, but rather becuase I was sick of her Hypocrisy. Yes, I know a lot of people lover her, as she shared her cancer drama, etc, etc. The difference though is that Robin has done Interviews over the years where she had the audacity to ask, celebrities, athlets, entertainers some of th emost secret aspects of their life. and when she didnt get the answers she was looking form she pressed them even further. I dont believe anyone has the right to ask anyone about the innermost parts of their life; when they are unwillling to do the same about their own. Robin didnt fool anyone. Most have known ( unless your head was in the sand) that she was gay. Again, I have no problem with her lifestyle, that isnt the point. Thepoint is all of the very hard questions she has asked people in the name of being forthcoming, when she refused to to dhit herself. so for that reason alon, I am glad her shananigans are over.
    As for all the hate abouot the Obamas, DAMN some of you need an Exorcism, that much hate is cancerous.

  3. Joe Valdaz,, it’s no coincident that black domocrats as a group will always be poor. The reason they voted for Obama is because he is black, and they love him to death. I hear them say “our president” instead of saying the president. If he could run again these same stupid people (99%) will vote for him until the day he die.

    • You and Joe must have fallen off the same idiot boat. You have no clue about African Americans except for the biased stuff you see on your conservative media outlets. Let me ask you both this; what have you done for your community, your city, your state? If I were a betting man I would say little to nil. You say blacks only voted for him because he was black huh; so if we voted for Mit Romney you think he would have done something for us? What about John McCain in 2008 and that idiot Sarah Palin? You honest believe they hard the best interest for African Americans. Maybe both you idiots should educate yourself just a little before posting comments and stop listening to Bill O’Really and the rest of those idiots all day.

    • sosickofyou on said:

      If you think the president making a fool out of black people well, what about all those dam WHITE president that made a fool out of you people who thinks you own the world?

  4. Felicia2014 on said:

    I am so happy for her and Amber, but most of all change is coming for all to be treated equally regardless of whom you love. I love the Obama’s and so sick of tired in the woods folks who are clueless. That;s is what you do blame everyone one else for your poor choices that led you to where you are.

    • Not many Black people hate Obama, we just don’t like his non-Christian ways. He has called himself a Christian and yet he hasn’t done anything for the Black poor but he loves the homosexuals. I have good news for him, according to Jesus he has a lot of repenting to do if he is really a Christian.

  5. This is so discouraging. There are many economical issues going on in Black people’s lives like losing their homes, lost of unemployment benefits, can’t find a job, can’t afford to pay back their student loans, homelessness, are veterans losing their COLA increase and THIS is what she comments on.

    And the President had the nerve to thank military people while on vacation in Hawaii after he signed a bill to cut their retirement benefits. They should be ashamed. What is administration priorities? The gay people with their pocketbooks and not the working class black people who cannot donate millions to his campaign.

    Who cares that she came out!

  6. Wow so if your Black and gay the President and family will go out of their way to support you but if your just Black no support or acknowledgement.

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