The hustle and bustle of the holiday season means you will probably be sleeping less, feel over stressed and eating much more. No Bueno! Cut back on colds, jet lag and extra poundage with these healthy holiday travel tips so there will be no regrets when you enter the new year!

Pack The Vitamins

If your going to be traveling a lot find a good multi vitamin and make sure you take it! Air travel or long drives can really suck a lot out of you. You’ll want to make sure your body is getting all it needs and operating with enough energy. Another great thing to throw in would be “Wellness Formula” pills (I get mine from GNC) to fight off any sickness before it happens or when it’s in the developing stages. I always pop mine right before I board!

Drink Up

With all the stress of travel — and TSA rules blocking us from carrying liquids passed the security gate — it’s easy to get  dehydrated while traveling so it’s imperative to stay hydrated.  I’ve found that drinking extra water helps me ward off jet lag and keeps my skin hydrated even in the stale cabin air of the plane. Ask the flight attendant for a bottle!

Consider Healthy Food Alternatives

Let’s face it, the holidays are pig out time! Since you’ll want to pig out with your family and friends over dinner or eat and drink extra treats at the parties, don’t fill your self with extra empty calories while traveling. Skip the bag of chips and the soda on the flight and stop at a kiosk before your board and pick up a banana and a naked juice. I’ve found that even the tiny airports with very few options have at least those two things. Many now though, like the Houston IAH airport have specialty restaurants (terminal C) where you can pick up organic fruit, low calorie pop corn and healthy sandwiches. You can even pack snacks with your like almonds or granola!

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