Ladies and gentleman, there are things you just shouldn’t say to a woman. Listen to the audio and let the D.L. Hughley radio show help you out with the ten things child free women don’t want to hear.

Part 1.

Part 2.

DL:  All right, Jazmine, getting to the Top Ten Questions Child Free Women Don’t Ever Want to Hear Asked.

10. So that’s what we were put here on earth to do, have children and love them.  So what else could you possibly want of out of life?

       DL:  She probably has a lot of puppies.

9. How can you ever hope to be a family?

       DL:  She’s a singular family.  She probably has enough personalities …

8. Who’s gonna give me grandchildren?

        Steve:  Yeah.

7. You don’t want them or you can’t have them.

      DL:  Oh, yeah.  Steve, that, that wasn’t for you.

6. Are you even a woman?

    DL:  Wow, I just say that because of your neck.  And you know what, how did a Wendy William question get here anyway?  (Laughter) That’s what I wanna know.  It’s The DL Hugely Show.

5. Won’t your partner leave you when they find out?

       DL:  Of course they will.  Don’t be silly.  He’s the one who told us that you couldn’t have, that you don’t want kids.

4. Is it because you don’t want to pass your genes on to someone else?

     JS:  Maybe you got bad genes.

3. What will you do with your life?

     Steve:  Oh, just have fun and party.  (Laughter) No responsibility.

2. Do you only think of yourself?

     DL:  (Laugh) Oh, my goodness.  Who would think to ask these things?

1. Who will take care of you when you get old?

    DL:  Oh, yeah.  That’s true.  That’s true.  That’s the only reason I had daughters, I’m telling you.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things Child Free Women Don’t Want To Hear

  1. Susan on said:

    Don’t have kids, be selfish. If you find yourself single in your forties. It’s easier to get a husband, as you have no dependants. It’s easier to get dates this way in your thirties to, via this channel too. Yes kids and babies are real cute but you will be broke, maybe single, working three jobs to get your babies through college. Beautiful black ladies, be selfish love yourselves. The most important relationship you can have, is the on you have with yourself. Signed a black woman

  2. Susan on said:

    Really am sick and tired of black women putting the childfree down. Most of the black women I know don’t want kids. They have kids as its expected of them. Never be sheep, watch and listen. Know yourself before having kids. Otherwise you might regret it. Signed a black woman. X

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