Nikkita Milledge (pictured) claims to have learned about her teen son’s death, even before police officially notified her. The Indiana’s mom messenger was Facebook, according to CNN.


When Milledge logged on to her home computer last Saturday afternoon, she was shocked to see the outpouring of messages about the death of her 15-year-old son, Anthoney Warren (pictured) on his Facebook page.  The boy had been shot to death outside an Indianapolis apartment complex during an alleged robbery attempt he made, along with a 19-year-old youth.

Police believe Anthoney was fatally shot by 19-year-old Brice Price, whom authorities took into custody on Tuesday. Cops believe Brice and Warren were planning to rob someone at the time of his death.

The grief-stricken mom, who told WTHR that she had tried her best to keep her son out of trouble, began receiving phone calls of condolence about the boy’s passing not long after she had learned about it on Facebook. Amid tears, Milledge said, “I did everything to keep him busy but it wasn’t enough.”

Milledge, who has four other children, lives in an area in the city where crime runs rampant. Thus far this month, there have been four murders in her neighborhood alone and throughout the city of Indianapolis, there has been a 30 percent increase in homicides this year compared to 2012.

“Just hope he’s good in heaven right now, looking down on us,” Milledge told Fox 59.

Funeral services for Anthoney are pending and local police are still investigating his killing.

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7 thoughts on “Mother Learns Of 15-Year-Old Son’s Death From Facebook

  1. Everyone who had a negative comment was once a child. And I’m sure have made mistakes. So do you deserve to die for it no. Opinions are like assholes everybody got one sometimes keep it to you self. My prayers go out to the family.

  2. Lisa wallace on said:

    I can’t believe people will take the time to put ignorant comments about someone’s child..get right with God you do not have the right to judge!

  3. —Milledge, who has four other children, lives in an area in the city where crime runs rampant.–

    YEP, and the best solution is to keep having kids, wit no baby daddy’s round, so you can get mo welfare !!!!

  4. “I hope he’s looking down on us from heaven right now” – fat f’ing chance.

    This kid got exactly what he signed up for, and the mother should be ashamed of herself.

    • Sandra on said:

      I wonder why she believes he is in God’s Heaven? OF course ONLY God can judge him, but does anything in his life indicate he did any of those things that would cause him to end up in heaven? Not everyone chooses to go. The choice is yours, but did she know and teach him? It sounds more like if she did, his lifestyle indicates he rejected it. My only point is “choose before it’s too late”. If you do not accept, you have rejected.

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