Robin Roberts just signed a new deal with ABC News to keep her the co-anchor of “Good Morning America.”

TVNewser reported earlier this month that Roberts was close to signing a deal with the network. The veteran journalist joined the show in 1995 as a feature reporter while also working for ESPN. She later became “GMA’s” newsreader and in 2005 was named co-anchor, alongside Diane Sawyer.

An insider with knowledge of the deal tells TVNewser Roberts will be making in the high seven figures and that the negotiation was very amicable.

“Everybody had the same goal which was to do a fair deal with Robin who has been part of the company for over 20 years and will be for many years more,” says the insider.

Roberts spent much of 2013 recovering from bone marrow transplant surgery she underwent in Sept. 2012. She returned to the show a few days a week in February, and returned fulltime in September. In between she got a standing ovation at the Espy awards, and just yesterday met Pope Francis.

Roberts has also been named one of Barbara Walters‘ Most Fascinating People of 2013.

3 thoughts on “Robin Roberts Re-Signs with ABC News

  1. the Timekeeper on said:

    Robn Roberts is a Hypocrite. Not becuase she is gay, but simply becuase she refuses to admit it. When you interview people on a daily basis ( as Robin does) and ask them , no question them about the most deepest, intikmate portions of their life, and then have the nerve to press them when you dont get the answer you want; tha tis Hypocrisy. If you are going to ask peole about the most innermost aspects of their life, then at the very least you should be honest about your own life. Yes, I know she’s everyone’s girl becuase she is a cancer survivor and all of that. But she is still a big hypcorite. Dont get it twiested either. It isnt about her homosecuality, that is her right, and quite frankly I dont care about that. To each his onw. the difference is though is that other people dont question other people about the secrets in their life. She Does! She should either Come Out. Or, just leave her interviews at the doorstep of privacy. I have seen her absolutley grill famous peole on Good Morning america even to the point where they are absolutely uncomfortable. And yet, if someone asked her the same thing, she would be downright indignant. I know everyn thinks she is terrific, but I believe in treating people with the same respect you have of yourself.

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