Hmm. Well now, what do we have here?

President Barack Obama was snapped taking a “selfie” with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt during a memorial service for Nelson Mandela on Tuesday. (See the photo here)


And as you can see, First Lady Michelle Obama, decided to take a pass or maybe she wasn’t asked to be in the snap. Either way, she looks like she is not pleased at Mr. President and his friends. She is visibly upset after the photo.


However, FLOTUS was snapped chatting with the Prime Minister and the two seemed to be friendly.


What do you think of the photo?  Was it harmless?

(Photos: Matt Dunham/AP)

35 thoughts on “Is FLOTUS Pissed at POTUS for Snapping Selfie at Mandela Memorial? (VIDEO)

  1. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed. on said:

    A hottie blonde Scandinavian sits next to Obama and he is totally incapable of controlling himself. But the Danish hottie wasn’t completely innocent either. She clearly came ready to play. The attraction was mutual. An attractive but powerful blondie proved irresistible to the leader of the free world. And that is because Obama is a sexually frustrated man. But he is not to blame. You cannot give a man with all that power something as unappetizing and as unfulfilling as Michelle and expect him to be content and happy. Here is a man who has accomplished remarkable things for himself and his country and all that we give him to satisfy his sexual appetite is Michelle. No high school sophomore, possessing nothing of the power Obama possesses, would switch places with Obama when it comes to sex. High school boys get to play with gorgeous white females after school. Gorgeous white females that Obama can only have in his dreams. So when they sit him next to a hottie Scandinavian, he behaves like a deprived animal.

    But the Danish blonde was hot and sweaty for our President, too. We have to be fair to all sides here. This woman was ready. Ready to do it all. All he needed was to make his move. To begin to massage her between the legs. Get her a little wet between the legs. She had on a very short skirt. He would have done well to reach inside and push her panties to the side so that he can insert his long black finger inside her. In and out. And then insert another so that she would have two of his fingers inside her. He could have easily gotten her to have an orgasm. She was clearly ready for a good time. And she was ready to receive him. All of him. This could have been quite a show for all to see. And if people stop complaining and stop being outraged by the little that they saw, maybe next time the Danish prime minister and the American President will allow all of us to see the show in its entirety. All that normally goes on between the two of them on a regular basis. These were not the actions of complete strangers.

    The Scandinavian chick lives in Copenhagen with her two daughters but not with her husband, who most recently was hopping from Switzerland to London. The two daughters they have together are very pretty. Very young and very pretty. Here is a link to a photo of the prime minister and her two daughters, Johanna and Camilla. Camilla is 13 and Johanna is 16.

    I would like to see how Obama behaves sitting next to the 16-year-old. And I would also like to see him sitting next to the 13-year-old. If the 13-year-old is willing to give it up, will he take it? The huge black organ of the first black President is something that the lovely Camilla from Copenhagen will want to experience. As painful as it may be, if he were to insert it deep within her rectum. Her bottom is so gorgeous that she will inevitably experience the gush of presidential fluid deep within her white bottom. Something her mom didn’t get to experience at Mandela’s funeral. But her mom and Obama were ready to go that far.

    But they didn’t. He saved his presidential seminal fluid for the daughter. Maybe the older daughter. Most likely the younger one.

    He saved his white seminal fluid for that beautiful white bottom. The beautiful white bottom of the powerful mom. Or the beautiful white bottom of the daughter. A white bottom he doesn’t get at home. A white bottom he doesn’t get at the White House.

  2. So none of you have ever laughed and hugged others at a funeral? While most funerals I have been to are sad, they are also a joyous time when it comes to honoring the one who passed. This includes laughing with and hugging others especially those you rarely see. Also who said Mrs Obama was not laughing at some points, this is just one picture.

  3. hdwilson on said:

    I feel that the POTUS’s behavior was disrespectful.I have never seen him behave in that manner at any of the other memorial services that he has attended. FLOTUS’ look may have been one of disappointment in his behavior. I certainly was after seeing the photos.

  4. The pic has been blown totally out of proportion. But I understand the idea of people having fun with the assumption that she was mad.

  5. Com’on man—leave the Big Chief and the First Lady alone! Mrs. Obama has a naturally “angry” looking face and she is often mis-read and labeled as the “angry Black Woman” which is way off base. I totally understand and receive the same as I have the same angry don’t mess with me face on a 6’2″, 215lb athletic Black Male body which only serves to add to the interpretation. Intimidating is what I often hear and her stature is imposing as well. I will admit that neither of us do BS very well—that makes it a little more difficult to smile!!!

  6. Pat Carroll on said:

    It’s obvious that the First Lady is irritated. They were after all at a memorial service on a world-wide stage. That was not the time or place for the President to be taking personal pictures! He was totally disrespectful. Madam President, stand your ground.

    • Mac Ben on said:

      If you had taken time to watch the proceedings you would have seen EVERY frame and would therefore know that this is not an issue. Mrs. O, just moments from the stills seen here, had been just as jovial as everyone else on the scene. Don’t be foolish.

  7. the Timekeeper on said:

    Well, all of you “Sista’s” have proved one thing. It doesnt take very much to throw a black man under the bus. Not even our President. No need to get mad at Beck, Hannity, Ted Cruz or anyone else when you all see a doggone picture ( without even knowing the perspective in which it is being taken) and read every negative connotation you can think of and attach it to this post.
    As Will Smith so elequently said in the movie Men In Black “DAMN”

    • Timekeeper, now I must reply to you…you have the right handle because you are “Right on Time”! As much as I wish I could disagree with you I can’t. It is a shame that we have to be so hateful towards ourselves and believe it is acceptable. We expect the GOP, Fox News, Tea Party, Limbaugh, Biden, McCain, Beck, Hannity, Cruz, etc. to be politically disrepectful, but why do we have to spew such venom? We all need some attitude adjustments and prayer.

  8. No scandal here. Just a picture of two different stances – with him being his natural outgoing self as opposed to her reflective, pensive mood. Besides, no matter what or who tries to pull rank on the FLOTUS, the President knows that this “girl” from the Southside of Chi town doesn’t play.

  9. You know it is possible that Mrs. Obama wasn’t upset about the “Blonde” Prime Minister sitting next to the President so much. Maybe, just maybe she thought this was the wrong time and place for a damn instagram… I’m one of the “Sistas” on this string of comments and I thought the behavior was juvenile, that’s all… Just not the time or place for our “Picture taking every minute” culture…

  10. LoveMyPeople on said:

    Really people – she knows she got that man. Why she gotta to be worried about anything? After all he is the President of the United States. Maybe they are comfortable enough with each other where he can just be himself. I’m sure he knows how far to take it. I love the fact that they love each other!!

    • the Timekeeper on said:

      You are right, LoveMyPeople. The president and First Lady are comfortable. But guess who isnt. All of these drama queens on this post talking about body language, and No, he didnt and all of that fingerpopping, hand on the hip twitchin, neck rolling madness that they come to this post with. One even said the first lady is about to make her act like a fool. Well guess what, they are already acting a fool without any help at all from anyone.

  11. Come on my people, let’s stop the madness!! First President Obama gets criticized for shaking President Castro’s hand out of courtesy who just happened to be standing at the top of the stairs of the stage and next to all the other dignitaries in line to be greeted at Mandela’s Memorial service; NOW THIS! Let’s not read or introduce any unsubstantiated nor validated drama into existence over a picture. It is not unusual to be cordial with who you are sitting next to. How much nonsense does our President have to contend with? Put the microscopes of criticism away and let the brother lead!

    • the Timekeeper on said:

      These women cant help it, TWL. Their hate and madness over black brothers ( including the president) overrides any of their sensibility. You are correct, first it is the handshake and now this Shiggidy. We dont need white America to hate us, cause the sisters will do it for them

    • Oh yeah Blondie’s even showing off some leg too!!!! and the last picture blondie’s got that finger waving
      the caption should be (sista I’m taking yo man)

  12. This was very juvenile on the part of The President and Prime Ministers. Mrs. Obama was clearly pissed. I would have been too. I’m thinking he’s in big trouble right about now…

    • the Timekeeper on said:

      I love your comments Betty. Much, much better than all of these hateful, gender biased comments from all of thes other issue laden women on this post.

  13. Mr. President is just doing what men do…when there’s an opportunity of flirtation….and The First Lady is like “wait til I get his ass alone”

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