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Some people, despite major success in one area, want to expand beyond the job the world knows them for. Kanye West, for example started out as an in-demand producer who parlayed that success into his dream of being a recording artist. Justin Timberlake, who started out in a boy band, then became a solo artist, took several years off from music to act in movies like The Social Network and Friends With Benefits.

Now Eddie Murphy, who made his mark with standup movies like Delirious and blockbuster movies like Coming to America and 48 Hours and Boomerang is back to doing music.

He once had a hit with the danceable “Party All The Time,” but on his new CD, 9, he’s got a range of material. His first single, the reggae influenced “Red Light” is available via iTunes and his second, “Promise (You Won’t Break My Heart)” a ballad, has a brand new video.

“I have a bunch of different stuff on this record,” says Murphy.

Apparently, Snoop told Murphy about the Fantastic Voyage and Murphy says that he’s willing to come aboard but he needs a hit first. “I don’t want to be on the cruise singing ‘Party All the Time,” he says.

After the release of 9 next year, Murphy plans to go out on the road with a live band eventually if he can pull the right musicians together and then potentially head out to do both comedy and music. (Jamie Foxx did something similar some years back to promote his own album release. )

Listen to the rest of the hilarious interview above.

Listen to Eddie’s singles here.