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Patrick G. Barclay has become the first American and only African American to earn the Master of Chinese Civil and Commercial Law degree from Renmin University of China. Renmin University is ranked as the best law school in China by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Barclay spent two years completing his courses and thesis and was the first to graduate. His class consisted of eight students, half of which were American. Amazingly, Barclay is not fluent in the Chinese language and relied on the kindness of his Chinese- speaking classmates to get him through portions of the curriculum.

Barclay was raised in Chicago by Ferdinand and Dorothy Barclay. His father passed away seven years ago. As he looked for the next chapter of his life to take form, he chose to pursue education overseas. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which to take hold, especially since he is the father to two children. His daughter Annanda and his son, Kristian, are both currently in pursuit  of secondary education. He attributes his decision to the emerging opportunities in China, which holds one of the world’s most powerful economies aside from the United States.