12/04/13-  Reverend Al Sharpton talks with the TJMS about minimum wage and income inequality.

2 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘We Must See a Rise in the Minimum Wage’

  1. Nat Turner on said:

    Facebook hosts terrorists organization,

    The Boeremag (farmer force) have just been jailed for treason,

    following a plot to bomb, then, President Mandela,

    igniting a race war where Black South Africans and Asians would be
    driven out of the country and a racist regime installed.

    They previously detonated 9 bombs resulting in loss of life,

    including the bombing of a mosque and Buddhist temple.

    A support page for such people is not in the interest of any

    of the people of South Africa,

    Please let Facebook know that.

  2. Ingrid Webster on said:

    Rev. Al Sharpton is always fighting for our people he is right we should see a rise in Minimum Wages,May God always Bless Rev.Sharpton & Protect him at all times.No Weapon form against him shall Prosper!!!

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