In a Gossip Extra exclusive, the ex-Mrs. Dwyane Wade, Siovaughn Funches, filed an intention to appeal in Chicago recently. She says the divorce agreement is null and void!

As a matter of fact, Siovaughn says she never even agreed to nor signed the so-called deal, which was highly publicized and allegedly reached by Wade’s attorneys and her lawyer in July.

Funches just fired Brian Hurst, the high-profile Chicago lawyer who worked on the deal that already paid her $5 million in cash, among other goodies. He was reportedly her 12th lawyer!


12 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade’s Ex, Siovaughn Funches, Says Take Your $5M and Stuff It!

  1. Rozie Wallace on said:

    What type of man take children from there mother. All I know is he is getting what he desire and so is Gaddy. Gaddy is trash in my eyes now. First she goes after this woman husband broke up a family. Now she has to live a liar, cheater and a man that his father a baby with his long time side chick. If she was not a actress he would even take a second look at her. Gaddy what going around comes back around. And as for Mr. Wade this young lady is a excellence mother and you will never be able to take your son from her. See I know her and I am praying for her and her family. So your tricks that u used on your X- wife ain’t going work on my friend. God sits high but looks lows. And I am praying for my wonderful friend.

  2. Obivously she’s hurt people, why keep going on about a Man that has move on, and with a H E that has been said to have slept with everyone

  3. Jiggy5 on said:

    Sorry ladies, but black women deserve every bit of bad press they get. No wonder these men are turning to white women. No damm wonder.

    • Yah, but I bet you wouldn’t except his black ass if he was broke! One thing for sure is that these types on relationships do not last long so enjoy it while you can! White women want black men for sex and money!

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