11/27/13- Today’s “Wednesday Christmas Wish” winner is  Bernadette L. Smith!

My name is Bernadette L. Smith and I am the grandmother of Brandon Jennings, 20 and James Smith Jr., 4 years-old.   On May 7, 2013, my only daughter Kendra Diggs was gunned down during a domestic violence dispute.  This tragedy has devastated our family and even more so, my grandchildren who will be without their mother for the rest of their lives

My daughter was a good mother and she loved her children very much.   It showed in the amount of care she provided for them day after day.  As a MTA bus driver for 13 years, Kendra worked hard to make sure her children had everything they needed and wanted, especially for their birthdays and Christmas.  But this will now be impossible because their mother is gone.   Unfortunately, my youngest grandson’s father is also no longer living.

 Tom, Could you please grant Kendra’s children a Christmas Wish and brighten up this first Christmas without their mother.   James is still so young and he would like a bike and toys. Brandon is an adult and a role model to his brother and has stepped up to take care of him and he has also taken on the challenge of providing transportation and care for me after I suffered a stroke in 2011.  He would appreciate new clothes and some technology gifts.  Kendra leaves us to cherish her memories and her beloved sons and with your help during the holiday we will do just that.

Sincerely, Bernadette L. Smith

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: Bernadette L. Smith for Her Grandchildren

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  2. Avalon S. Brandt, Esq. on said:

    I am an attorney in Baltimore City and I met Brandon the day after his mother was killed. He is an amazing young man who is extremely mature and responsible. His little brother is a jewel. Brandon has taken on the role of father with courage and a smile. Although he grieves the loss of his mother he continues to show great strength and wisdom as a young black with a heavy burden on his shoulder. Tom thank you for once again spreading joy into the lives of others. May you Cybil and Jay be blessed always!

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