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Bianca Chanel Green of Romulus, MI has been missing since March 25, 2011. Green was a college student who worked at the airport at the time of a disappearance. She is the mother of a 4-year-old and was expecting another child when she vanished from her apartment in Romulus. She is now age 26.

Green has had no contact with relatives and may be suicidal.

Click here for more information on Green’s case.

Anyone with information can submit a tip to under “Tip Line”.

4 thoughts on “MISSING: Bianca Chanel Green

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  2. When are we going to put a stop to this nonsense of naming our kids with these shigiddy azz surnames? Bianca Chanel, C’Mon Man. As someone with hiring authority in the private industry, I can tell you exactly where the resumes of Bianca, Ren-eeee-Sha, Shaniqua, Tercel, and Yolanda end up…..and it ain’t with an interview. Like it or not, thems the facts, and I have an excellent track record of hiring winners. Food for thought.

    Holla at the Scholar

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