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According to Tami Roman has suddenly gotten a whole lot lighter. Now while you can immediately tell how much weight she’s lost…we mean lighter in another way! The internets are swirling with activity claiming that Miss Tami has indeed gone the way of Sammy Sosa and bleached her skin in order to be lighter complected.

Tami took to social media and said,

“I see the little bootleg bloggers jumped on a bullsh*t rumor for clicks LMAO. GM world…dont believe the hype – stay blessed.”

But even she must admit the pics that she recently posted on her instagram are startling! Especially since we thought she was absolutely gorgeous the way she was!

Here is another pic that she posted that is prompting whispers below!

The problem is that this appears to be a totally different day and totally different clothes. You know how the rumor mill does it…and once it’s out there…it’s sort of out there. The word is that Tami and or her camp are saying that it was simply the flash from the camera. Before you screw your face all the way up at that notion…this could actually be a real thing as some of us have had it happen in pictures before. But we digress.

If it’s not true Miss Roman should be thrilled to know that while the rumor part is no doubt annoying people really feel she is a beauty as she is. If it is true…then everyone is upset with her for doing something that never needed to be done. Tami you’re a knockout…we hope that it’s not true because your coffee and cream complexion was just stunning. Don’t be mad…cause that’s love…even if it might “get us all popped” for saying it!

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