Reginald Wells, a 12-year-old student at Willie Ray Smith Middle School in Beaumont, Texas was allegedly knocked unconscious by his assistant math teacher last Friday after making a joke about his favorite football team, reports CBS News.

Wells was standing in the hallway joking with the teacher, when the encounter suddenly took a violent turn.

“All of a sudden he just hit me, in my shoulder,” Wells said in an interview with 12News. “… and I looked at him like, ‘What the heck?’”

The 4 feet 11 inches tall, 80 pound 7th-grader says that he responded by pushing the teacher’s shoulder. And, from there, the unthinkable happened.

“The last person’s voice I heard was some girl saying that I should call my mom, and then he like hit me, and I blacked out,” Wells said.reg-wells2

Wells said that the teacher knocked him to the ground with a vicious punch to the face and he woke up a few minutes later.

“The left side of my face was numb… my lip hurt… my head was hurt, like it had been shaken,” Wells said.

The school’s principal confirmed Well’s story while briefing his mother Adrianne of the incident.

“(The principal) said Reginald was punched, in the shoulder, and then hit two times and uppercut, and then slid across the floor,” Adrianne said. “It weighed heavy on my heart, because I’ve never put my hands on my son.”

The teacher was fired immediately and escorted off the premises, but was not arrested. To add insult to injury, he allegedly refused to apologize for his actions.

“He said ‘I can’t apologize for what I did, I was just having a bad day and I just snapped,’” said Wells.

“For you to just let a teacher do that to him and just walk off, he’s fired and walks off, I can’t accept that.”

See 12News report below:

5 thoughts on “Say What? 7th Grade Student Knocked Out By Teacher For Joke About His Favorite Team [VIDEO]

  1. Despite these ignorant comments, I’d have the teacher by his smelly balls, and charges would be pressed and his ass would be in jail and lawsuit next. His teaching career would be over. They weren’t in class and even if they were the kid was JOKING with the idiot and if a grown ass man can’t handle that then he has problems. Besides HE said HE was having a bad day. His ass would this momma’s name stamped on it.

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