“Our race is our nation,” was the bold phrase that surrounded a hooded KKK member on the fliers that were scattered across the yards of New Smyrna Beach, Florida neighborhood, which happens to be predominantly Black. The offensive literature was said to have been recruiting fliers from a Klan group in North Carolina.

WFTV (an affiliate of ABC) is reporting that the group delivered the fliers at night and their leader, Robert Jones claims he had no idea the neighborhood they visited was mostly Black. Sure he didn’t. “Well, we don’t have no way of judging where we’re putting the fliers at,” Jones told WFTV.

One of the neighborhood’s residents, Tim Washington says, “I think it’s shallow, this day and age.” Police have received a number of complaints from the residents, but authorities told WKMG-TV that the pamphlets are protected under free speech. SMH.

The group has no plans to stop passing out their racist fliers and it’s being reported that they’re going to pass out up to 600 fliers in this area in the coming days, even though their shocking fliers haven’t gained them any new members yet. I wonder why?


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3 thoughts on “KKK Tries To Recruit New Members In Black Neighborhood [VIDEO]

  1. Joe you are 1000% right who really cares about the kkk, the sad part is if a crime is committed angst a black by a white, blacks get up in arms, blacks kill blacks at staggering rates and were are all the sharptons and outrage, wut a joke. and I am a black man, lets face it dead is dead you don’t feel any better if some1 kills a person and they happen to share the same skin color

  2. Joe, the KKK is merely a symbolic group. As your statistics prove, blacks have taken over their work and have proven to be much more ruthless and efficient at committing crimes on other blacks.

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