Recently, many have found success by using the newest online fundraising tool, Kickstarter. Teritius Fortune is also looking to Kickstarter to strike gold, and make history at the same time by launching his own car company.

Meet FortuneSport, the brainchild of Fortune, a former soldier. Fortune, who earned a degree in automotive engineering, and his team of engineers and racing professionals have taken on the challenge of building a world class sports car. And with the help of the public, he hopes to raise the $600,000 needed to make his dream a reality.

Click here to find out more about the FortuneSport and the Kickstarter program.


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4 thoughts on “African American Engineer, Teritius Fortune, Seeks to Make History in Auto Industry

  1. Several new inventions are happening in automobile industry on every second’s of time and really they are useful, efficient in functionality according to new era. Everyone only need to be aware about it and accept it as soon as possible to get best results.

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