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Have you seen the president’s poll numbers lately? Not good. They’re the lowest they’ve ever been.

They’re as low as George W. Bush’s during Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq war. The disastrous roll out of Obamacare is the biggest factor.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll this week, just 39 percent of registered voters approve of the way the president is doing his job.

That’s his lowest since he took office in 2009. Only 39 percent say they support the Affordable Care Act, 45 percent oppose it.

And perhaps the most important part of this poll is that a majority of Americans for the very first time, 52 percent, said they no longer trust the president, saying he’s not “honest and trustworthy.”

The president, who once had nearly a 100 percent approval rating among African Americans, now has a 75 percent approval rating.

One of his biggest political allies, his so called explainer in chief, former President Bill Clinton says President Obama is going to have to keep his promise of if you like your plan you can keep your plan; If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

He’s going to have to keep that promise but in order to do that; he’ll have to somehow reconfigure the Obamacare law and he cannot do that without an act of Congress.

Even die in the wool liberals are starting to break ranks and call for the delay of the Affordable Care Act.

CNN contributor Gloria Borger told Wolf Blitzer that once any president, Obama or otherwise, begins to lose trust with the people, it’s a good bet it’s over for his administration.

Borger says people start to tune them out and their influence in Washington and with the American people begins to wane, especially in their second terms when “lame duck” status begins to kick in and getting an agenda through becomes all but impossible.

Hence, the question, has the president lost his mojo; and can he get it back?

Political strategists say it’s going to be tough considering only 105, 000 people signed-up for Obamacare in one month.

So, in order to turn things around, maybe Bill Clinton, who knows a few things about regaining the trust of the American people is right.  Maybe the president has to start with keeping his promise.

The one thing President Obama has going for him is that polls show people still like him, in all of this, he is still very likeable.

So, I wouldn’t count him out just yet. I’ve seen him turn things around before, by luck and mostly by political savvy.

I witnessed it personally when I lived in Chicago and he won an against all odds U.S. Senate campaign.

We all witnessed it when he again, against all odds, became the first black president, ever!

Against all odds, he did what not even the great Bill Clinton could not do, without one Republican vote; he got national health care legislation passed, no matter how flawed you might think it is.

And don’t forget he helped turn around the worst economy since the Great Depression.

The president has said that he’s run his last political campaign. I don’t think he has yet.

His enemies have labeled him ‘the campaigner in chief.’ That just might be his biggest asset, you want to know why? Because I think he has one more campaign in him.

But if he wants to win, he’d better get the one place where people can vote for him fixed- and he better do it fast and that’s the Obamacare website.

16 thoughts on “Will the President Rise Again? Lemon Says He’s Down but Not Out

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  2. Hispanics are not a part of America history.OH they lost (TEXAS)any way this is still white( AMERICA)these are the same people that killed.(PRES)MR.KENNEDY.AN( MR.KING)lets not talk about(HONEST)OR(TRUSTWORTHY) WHEN ALL WHITE LIE.

  3. Incompetent is the one who sent our troops to slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan based on bad info. Last I checked, the body under Obama is nowhere near the 6000+ dead, ten thousand+ injured under Bush, and more under Bush Sr.! So what’s worse, a failed website or dead soldiers? And where are these “approval ratings” from? I was never polled – I don’t know anyone who was. most minorities aren’t. All these numbers being thrown around mean nothing, It’s just how haters defend their hate cause they have no real facts or independent thought.

  4. Those Polls don’t mean a lots. You Racist Republicans remember, Black people are not going back in slavery. All you here now is nullification, OBAMCARE is worst then slavery. Read the real history about slavery; what this United States did to people because of their skin color and continues to do. President Obama is smarter than any President that came before him and probably after him. When your Republics finish sending jobs over sea and giving tax breaks to corporations and their rich cronies, lets see where that leaves you. Oh, I forgot you’re to stupid to have any common sense.

  5. with second term presidents, it doesn’t take a lot to make one a lame duck.. not much gets done with a split congress, if you misstep, the approval ratings dip below 50%, the focus becomes on middterms, then after that, for media time it’s all about your replacement. I mean, when Obama and Clinton were going at it in the primaries, and McCain, Romney and the rest on the republican side in 2007 and 2008, Bush could’ve been on the side of a milk carton.

    • Cool Thug on said:

      Obama is “the most incompetent president ever”, Joe? Let’s take a look at that statement of yours.
      Let’s use Obama’s , you say, “35%” approval rates ( it’s actually more like 38%).
      Back in the early 1980s, congress passed the Boland Amendments. These were laws that made it illegal to give any kind of aid to the Contras who were trying to overthrow the Nicaraguan Socialist gov’t of Daniel Ortega. What’s the first thing Ronald Reagan tries to do? That’s right, he sells weapons to, of all people, now get this, Iran! Wait a minute! Then turns the money, and weapons, over to the Contras! Just to show you what a bungling buffoon Ronald Reagan was, he got caught. If that’s not being “incompetent, then what is?! He couldn’t even break the law without getting caught! His approval rate fell to 35%.
      In October of 2008, George W. Bush’s approval rate was at 25%. And why would you expect it to be any higher?! Just look at the financial meltdown that was happening on Wall Street.
      Obama is “incompetent”? Not any more than several past presidents.

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  7. on said:

    It is the same for all presidents their last 2 years they all get cauftt up in some of the lies they tell to get elected. There is no way any one of them can be 100% correct on what they promissed it is just the way it is.

  8. Demp109 on said:

    Fix the website and focus on JOBS the rest of his term! People of all races need JOBS!!! That is a sure fire winner!!! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

  9. blackspeak on said:

    85% of the 52% who feel the President Obama is untrustworthy are whites, because blacks and hispanics by-in-large don’t participate in polls…

  10. Joe Valdez on said:

    Obama is done his goose is cooked
    His approval rating is down to 35% and disaproval 61% . Where does this idiot Don Lemon gets all this likeability for Obama from??? This Don Lemon has been su… ing his white Gay husbands Slong too long

    • Joe: It’s usually best to ignore ignorant A comments like yours; but I can’t resist. Listen up….it sounds like you have a jones for the President. Do you feel neglected? What’s your obsession with the President REALLY about? Are you insecure, are you incompentent….DO YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE?? Uuuuuum….just a few things for us to ponder. Either someone is paying you a huge paycheck to come on this site every day with a bunch of shigady, or you really do have a jones for the Prez.

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